High School Girls Softball New Top Ten Poll

The new poll for High School Girls Softball is out/in for this week and you can see the Top Ten below….Will SEG be able to run the table and win all of their games this season and take the poll in first place, from start to finish???? We will be watching and you will be too…..Any suggestions or comments for our coaches that posted this week’s poll, just leave them in the comment box below and look below, as our teams get ready to go, tonight……

#1 Southeast Guilford
#2 Southern Alamance
#3 Northwest Guilford
#4 Northern Guilford
#5 Eastern Guilford
#6 Western Guilford
#7 Northeast Guilford
#8 Southwest Guilford
#9 Page
#10 Dudley


  1. I’m glad to see Southern Alamance ranked so high. Although I’m sure their parents think they should be ranked 1st and all their players should make all-district in every district in the state.

  2. Well. Southern Alamance may not have finished in first place, but they were determined to beat SEG in the conference tournament and they DID!!! You are correct, Brian, Southern Alamance High School has many talented softball players and they brought it in the tournament. So, YES, we do think some players should make all- district as well as all-state.

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