ACC Baseball Update and ‘OFF DAY’ today, back at it on Friday!(Eureka still looking)

from Wednesday:{Let’s all guess together what NJIT stands for, in that win by Wake Forest and let’s go with New Jersey Institute of Technology)….Joe Piscopo would know….He was from Jersey, BTW….Locals on WED showed Elon 5, N.C. A&T 4….Greensboro College 11, Eureka 5….and Guilford 9, Eureka 3….It looks to be a given that Eureka did not find it while in Greensboro…..

Gardner-Webb 7, North Carolina 4
(Luis Paula from NEG took the loss, but hey, as a freshman he got the start and the Tar Heels had 17 LOB…….)

Maryland 9, St. Peters 0 ( 7 )
Western Carolina 8, Clemson 4
Wake Forest 12, NJIT 7
Virginia 10, Marist 2
Virginia Tech 14, Wagner College 2
Miami 3, UCF 2
Maryland 1, St. Peters 0 ( 7 )