Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN:SEG, Caldwell and McMichael winners…

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Mcmichael 13, Magna Vista 3….McMichael(5-0)

Caldwell 15, Metrolina 3
WP – Sanfilippo
LP – Matthews
Caldwell – New 2-3 HR (3), 4 RBI, Mancuso 2-3, 3 RBI, Branon HR (1)
(Caldwell 4-2)

Southeast Guilford 15
Northeast Guilford 3

WP:Dallas Newton(3-0) 8 K’s
LP:Tyler Mericka
HR:(SEG) Justin Reece….Two-run home run…
(NEG) Jaylin Davis…Two-run HR…
More SEG hitting:Two-run Double Reece/RBI Single Reece…….Butler two Doubles and 4 RBI…Cody Ezell RBI Double….Callahan RBI single….Newton Double and Single and 1 RBI….Frazier with Two Doubles and 1 RBI….

More NEG hitting:Jacob McCann with a Single….


  1. Why did SE throw Newton? was this just the case that NE has a conf game tom? was SE that much better? anyone? 15-3 little steep for two good teams.

  2. Why did Newton throw aganist NE? Im assuming thats why the score was 15-3, one teams ace vs. anothers 3 or 4 guy? Just curious.

  3. ?,

    Why wouldn’t you throw your best guy if available? No games scheduled for SE until next Tuesday. SE has already thrown 4-5 pitchers in single games and they will have opportunities again in the next few weeks. Also, NE beat SE in a game last year early that SE should have won except for a couple early season errors. Most of the same guys are still on the SE roster. One of those errors was on a high high fly ball to centerfield in the fog and was captured and used in a big picture on the front of the Greensboro paper the next day (guess who?). I think that picture may have been some motivation behind letting Newton pitch against them this year….just guessing. The SE hitting against 2 or 3 NE lefties is why they scored 15 runs. SE was that much better last night.

  4. Down in SE Guilford county we try to win games. Not call the opposing coach to see what # pitcher they are throwing. Newton was next up in the rotation. Why wouldn’t you throw him? He still can pitch next conference game Tues if desired on 5 days rest, or we go with a pretty good pitcher in his own right Jacobelli. In that case Newton gets 8 days rest before Page next Fri.

  5. B/c according to Andy they were playing on Friday, thats why i asked, but obviously they arent, No need to be a smart butt about it, it was a simple question.

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