Pencil in Peyton(Manning) with the Denver Broncos

Looks like the Tennessee Titans and the San Francisco 49ers have tossed in the towel and now ‘Peyton’s Place’ will be a Rocky Mountain high….Going from Rocky Top to the Rocky Mountains and this ought to make all of the Bronco fans shout, they now have ‘Double Clout’, with Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow about to lead the Broncs’ charge……

DENVER — Peyton Manning is negotiating to join the Denver Broncos, ESPN reported Monday.

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  1. SF will have to cough up some serious “we’re sorry” money to Smith if they want him back.

    I highly doubt Elway will keep Tebow.

  2. Not even a Broncos fan, but looks like Tebow will end up getting a raw deal…..Guess that’s business….

  3. Tony Dungy called this about six months ago. Tebow to Jacksonville to put butts in the seats

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