Big Thanks For Coming By

On Tuesday, we set an ALL-TIME Record Page Views at GreensboroSports.Com – 12,342 as measured by Google Analytics. We had 2,174 Unique Visitors, reading an average of 6 pages (full articles). Folks averaged over 5 minutes on the site.

But we are NOT there yet. We need everyone to talk to their Coaches, Athletic Directors, Principals – put on their Press Release / Scoring Reports distribution lists. We can only cover so much ourselves and must rely upon others (just as the other sports media) to get those game reports.

Thanks for coming by today and in the future.


  1. Word on the street is that NW Guilford Sr. QB Matt Pawlowski is staying local……Going to Guilford College next year to play QB.

  2. All of those listed are worthy recipiants and the fans are focusing on their favorites. If you can’t beat ”em, beat ’em…Focus on your favorite and vote…..

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