Pit-stop a ‘Spit Stop’, as Tar Heels cast their saliva into the Mississippi River(May have to start calling the ‘Mighty Mississippi’, the ‘Mighty Missispitty’)

It worked back in 1982, it worked again to secure a win for the North Carolina Tar Heels over the years and it used to work for Coach Roy Williams, when he was guiding the Kansas Jayhawks too….Take a detour and be sure to go the river and spit into the Mississippi, before your games, when you are in the neighborhood…..It almost always works…It seems like there is not a better good-luck charm in all of sports….

from WRALSportsFan:
North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall, who missed the game against Ohio Friday with a broken wrist wanted to make his trip to the river count.

“The whole walk to the river from the bus I was really grabbing all the spit out of my mouth that I could just to make sure it was a good one,” Marshall said about Friday’s trip.

Odd, yes. Gross, perhaps. But come tournament time, it’s about finding anything that works, right?

“Everyone wanted to do it because everyone wants to win,” said guard Reggie Bullock.

Coincidently, if the team is to beat Kansas Sunday, the Final Four will be played in New Orleans – also located on the Mississippi River.
(from WRALSportsFan.com….www.wralsportsfan.com……)

CLICK HERE to read all from WRALSportsFan…..Good overall read….*****I have been hearing this story on Roy for years and he has the same jogging route he has to take out in St. Louis too…Been doing it(same route and the spit) for years….*****


  1. I heard Mark Spitz once left a deposit in that river and that Gaylord Perry used to stop by and throw a spitter or two over the rails back in the day.

  2. roy is crying in the river now -with kendall it would have ended better -stillman just could not carry the load in theecond half

  3. Looks like the Smurfs were spitting in the wind since they came home with the big L today. Roy will probably whine about Marshall and the his fans.

  4. Will we see Roy in the stands with his Kansas lapel pin. Rock chalk jay hawk Roy. Cry a river and spit on chapel hill

  5. I bet the UNC players, coaches and fans were ready to upchuck in that creek after yesterday’s game!

  6. They were hanging a banner in Chapel Hill today.
    It read “Would have won the 2012 NCAA Championship IF MARSHALL HADN’T BROKEN HIS WRIST”.

    It was hung right next to the football banner that read ” WOULD HAVE WON THE 2010 BCS CHAMPIONSHIP IF MARVIN HADN’T TWEETED”.

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