Pat Forde says over the ‘Forty Minutes’ Kansas’ Bill Self outcoached Roy Williams on Sunday and Forde feels the ‘Triangle and Two’ was shining through, “How about you?”!

Pat Forde at says it wasn’t the players that weren’t on the court and it wasn’t the players that were on the court; for North Carolina it was the coach, Roy Williams, who should bear the burden for Sunday’s hurtin’ put on the Heels, by Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks…..Forde says over the forty, Self was more sporty and he out-coached Roy Williams…..It was a solid first 20(minutes) for the Heels, but over the total forty, it got a bit out of sorty and Kansas in the end, ran the Heels off of the courty……

Read all from the what many fans around the nation, are calling Pat, who says the Heels were just flat and they flat-out got dadgum beat, because of their coaching or lack of coaching on Sunday…..Im not from Springfield, Mass. and I’m not directly relation to James A. Naismith, but Pat Forde has the majority(majorede) of the fans from across the country talking today and find out why, when you CLICK HERE…….(from!Sports)


  1. Roy should be in the recruiters Hall Of Fame, but he is not a good game day coach he underachieves with all the talent he has.

  2. How would Self have done with his first three guards in suits on the bench, essentially starting a glorified walkon freshman at point guard, his team shooting 22% in the 2nd half, and going 2 for 17 from 3 for the game? But they lost because of Roy’s coaching? Unreal. He has won two national championships in nine seasons at Carolina. We are rather happy with our crappy coach.

  3. Excuse after excuse. Other than winning the reg season conference by 1 game what has he won.when was the last time he won the tourney which has a lot more clout than the reg season, and no I’m not a duke fan,mbut K gets his guys to win, yes they went out early but they had one of players and scorers hurt and out also, it don’t matter how far u go u went home just like the rest of acc

  4. Even with Marshall out Roy still had THREE 1st team ALL_ACC players on the court, Roy just got out coached with all that talent UNC should still be in the Final Four, Roy is not very good at adjusting when something goes wrong he only knows one way, Kansas also goes on a 12-0 run and Roy never calls a timeout, what is he saving them for?

  5. roy made some interesting moves -when mcadoo got hot he pulled him out-they played no defense for the last 10 minutes of the game-he just got whupped by a team that had half the talent of carolina and almost got beat by ohio-he is overrated and the team was overrated-they were lucky to make it to the final 16

  6. Lordy, Lordy ole Pat Forde. He does not know what he is babbling about. Roy Williams is an outstanding coach and I would put him up against any coach in all of basketball. I only know of one coach that was better and that was Dean Smith. Roy has TWO National Championships Pat Farde. Get with the program!

  7. George u are being so one sided, the best and only. 1 better dean smith, lmao. I believe there is a guy named coach K that has won as many NCAA titles as both coaches combined and won more ACC Tourneys than both combined and morenreg games, LMAO

  8. Not being able to counter the Triangle and 2 was a huge failure. He even said after the game he did not know it was going on. JD Higgins nailed it at the top of this thread.

    He should have moved Zeller out and posted Barnes and allowed Zeller to feed Barnes on the block. Or have Bullock attack the lane.

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