Graham Sporting Goods(Famous for Stirrups) High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN at NEG where Rams take over to take down ASHE and HP Central with HUGE win over EF, SWG past WG, Williams stops NG and Dudley does it again, plus NEG JV Rams win

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from Monday:
East Forsyth 4
Glenn 1

Western Alamance 5
Morehead 2

Smith 8
Brush, Ohio 7

WP:Calin Campbell

High Point Andrews 3
WS Carver 2

WP:Chris Scales
Game-changing hit:Randy Norris

Westchester Country Day 6
Trinity School of Durham 3

WP:Adam Kirkman (2-0)
SV:Luke Puckett

Eastern Alamance 10
Eastern Guilford 6

WP:Zack Littell (10 k’s)
LP:Tyler Hunt

Northwest Guilford 7
Glenn 3

Dudley 3
Southern Alamance 0

WP:Corey Kimber 1 hit 16 SO 2 BB
LP:Dylan Isley 9 hits 9 SO 0 BB

Ragsdale 13
WS Parkland 3

Burlington Williams 3
Northern Guilford 0

WP:Alan Sharpe 13K’s
LP:Sean Mas
Williams 8-3 (4-2)

Southwest Guilford 8
Western Guilford 1

WP:Sean Geoghan
LP:Brandon Ahrens
HRs Matt Orth, Andrew Madden

Northeast Guilford 6
Asheboro 2

WP:Jacob Watkins
SV:Josiel Colon
LP:Troy Burr
Starting Pitcher for NEG:Jacob Watkins….
Now Pitching for NEG:Josiel Colon(5th inning)….Colon just worked out of a bases-loaded, one-out jam, in the Top of the 6th Inning…Shane Flippin just drove in Matt Millaway for NEG for run #5….Colon just brought Flippin around with run #6….
NEG Hitting:Jordan Brown 2-3…..Austin Peoples 1-3 with a 2B….Cole Wyrick 1-3 with a 3B….
Asheboro Hitting:Troy Burr 2-4 and John Thornburg 2-4….

High Point Central 3
East Forsyth 2
WP:Trevor Gay
LP:Caleb Edwards
Central starting pitcher Hanson Butler went 5 2/3’s innings and posted 9K’s and gave up just three hits….
Game winning RBI:Zach McLean….Game Winning Run:Tyler Wilson…Will Johnson 3B…Trevor Gay 2B…
HP Central was down 2-0 in the bottom of the 7th and the Bison rallied to win….Colin Fowler with a 2B, Luke Beane with a single to right and the RBI scored Fowler….BB to Tyler Wilson, then a Bunt by Will Johnson and the ball was thrown away at first and Beane scored….IBB to Kanhy and then Zach McLean with the game-winning RBI to right-center scored Tyler Wilson…….HP Central rallies to win it, 3-2 over East Forsyth…..

Caldwell Academy 17
Burlington Christian 2

Northeast Guilford 11
Asheboro 8

WP:Bradley May
NEG Hitting:Brian Lunsford 3-4 RBI…Blake Millaway 4-5 with 4 RBI’s….Steve Austin 3-3/4 RBI’s
Northeast Guilford JV’s at Dudley for a 5pm game on Wednesday….


  1. Northern Guilford lost again tonite. Maybe a change. With their talent they should walk right thru that conference.

  2. A change always seems to be the answer…maybe the kids should work harder….stop making excuses and focus on getting better…Everybody wants to blame somebody!

  3. Talent? They are fourth in talent behind eastern alamance, Western alamance, and Mcmichael.

  4. Ummm Phoenix they have beaten Eastern Alamance and Western Alamance in the first meetings.

  5. Northern Guilford has one good hitter in DC, everyone else is very pitchable. Williams may not be the most talented but they know what their game is and they play it. Anytime they have that lefty on the mound they will be in the game.

  6. Northern Guilford should just tip their cap last night. No need for excuses after that loss. At the end of the day they got out pitched by the lefty…. The players should take some initiative and work a little harder.

  7. I agree with baseball fan. The only other one that even scares me a little bit is Coltrane.

  8. Trip Dunn, D.C Arendas and Austin Coltrane are their best hitters. Sean Mas is a better ball player than he is playing. He will come around hopefully. All of their better players play travel ball in the summer. That should tell you something. Facing good pitchers every weekend makes you better. Trip Dunn and D.C. Arendas will be playimng for the Hitting Zone this summer, I think, and Austin Coltrane plays with the Dirtbags. Enough said. One of the dads told me last week that his son played 45 games last summer playing travel ball and about 22 in the fall..

  9. Williams is a well coached team. The coach has done a lot with the talent he has. Northern has just as good of talent than any team in the league. Mcmichael may have the best talent in the league. Their new coach has done a great job putting his team together and uses his pitching well. Pitching is the key to any baseball team and coaches shoulld know how to use their pitching to have the best chance to win games. I haven’t seen WA or EA play so no comments on thise teams.

  10. andrews beat carver 3-2 . chris scales gets the win on the mound . randy norris 2 run single to right in 3rd inning to move andrews ahead and game winning rbi’s. andrews 2-1 in conference. good job andrews baseball team . its coming around just keep playing hard.

  11. You’re right 3 losses. I’m not saying they don’t have any talent. I just don’t believe they are as are as talented as you think they are. They are an average hitting team and below average on defense except for DC. In my opinion.

  12. The Mid-State 3A is stacked, no questions about it. The top 5 (McMichael, EA, Northern, Williams and WA) can all beat each other on any given night. I think EA has the best pitching and McMichael may be the best all around, but every team is just about neck and neck in the talent category.

    Should be a fun second half of conference play.

  13. To Pirate: Playing travel ball has nothing to do with anything. Dirtbags is all about money and paying to get college looks. DC is the only division 1 hitter on that team.

    I would say that the top 4 in the conference are McMichael, EA, WHS, and WA. Northern is in a close 5th.

  14. Northern is talented, dont get me wrong but i believe when people really think about it, their mainly just hype. They are a bigger 3a school and have very good athletics programs but i just think people build them up to be a better team then what they really are. Im not saying williams is more talented i just believe they want the win and are more dedicated then some of the northern players.

  15. Really wish some of these parents could get a grip on reality and realize it takes more than just their kid and his stats to make a team succesful. Went to a game last night where I knew several kids and parents from the other team. Spent alot of time going back and forth from side to side just to chat it up. Game was close all the way through and the pitcher for the other team had worked his tail off while striking out an impressive 14 batters in his first start this year. He was given a no decision as they brought in another pitcher who threw around 8 pitches to retire the side and then in the bottom of the 7th the bats got the job done to give them the win. Enjoyed the game and can’t complain about the other team winning but watching a parent start dancing because their child did 5 minutes worth of work and got the win instead of the kid who worked so hard was just a little irritating.

  16. Northern has a talented team. A good mix of hitting, speed, and pitching. While their record may not be what they want it to be, some of that has to do with the level of competition that they see in conference and teams they are playing out of conference.

    Baseball fan, I think the point that the post from Pirate was trying to make is that Summer baseball, specifically the Dirtbags (which i have no affiliation to) allows you to see pretty good pitching, and that can only make you better during the school season. Also, I respectfully disagree with you that Northern only has one Division 1 hitter on their team. Even if that were true, what difference does that make? Does that mean that they cannot be successful on the high school level? There are many successful teams this year that dont have multiple “D1” hitters in their lineup.

  17. This thread alone proves to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is wrong with high school athletics and freaking society as a whole. And that is…..let them freaking have a childhood and play the game for goodness sakes……who gives a crap about who is a D1 hitter and who isn’t.

  18. Seems like there are some salty Northern fans on this thread. Relax people it’s just my opinion. Don’t get mad if you disagree. Means I have struck a nerve

  19. I’m not a parent and probably know more about baseball than anyone in this thread. You never know who these screen names belong too

  20. To Get a Grip: I am the parent who was “dancing” at the game you are referring to so let me apologize for irritating you. Please before you post the kind of comments that you did, make sure that you have all of your facts straight. I was not dancing because our team won, nor was I dancing because my son did 5 minutes of work as you put it and got the win. Quite frankly, the reason why I was dancing is really no one’s business, but if you would have been a little closer to me, then you would have known that I was only having some fun with family and that what I was doing had NOTHING to do with my son pitching, his stats, or the outcome of that ballgame. Also, I think the starting pitcher did an AWESOME job for it to be his first start and I even think he deserved the win, but I don’t make up the rules of baseball. As a MOM of a pitcher, I have seen my son and other pitchers in the same situation and it SUCKS for them, but another thing to remember is there is No “I” in team. I am very proud of my son, his teammates, the coaching staff and the season that we have had so far, so please let me ENJOY THAT AND QUIT ASSUMING. We all know what ASSUME does and I think you done that for yourself.

  21. Sounds like Get a grip had more of a problem with his/her team losing the game in the last inning (and doesn’t want to admit it) than who pitched when and how much. Apparently both guys are good at what they do and got the job done!! These are kids here that are spoke of. Glad so many people love to bash them for their effort and hard work that they give on a nightly basis. It is obvious that sometimes these parents have the maturity level of a 5 year old. If I were a parent of either player, I would have benn dancing too!!

  22. Baseball Fan – First, congratulations on your baseball acumen. Not sure if you are referring to my earlier post, but i think i said i respectfully disagree with your opinion. We all have opinions, and getting information and listening to other viewpoints is what this is all about, right? I am in no way shape or form connected to Northern. I have seen them play this year, and I am familiar with several players on their team. I happen to think they are pretty decent, but have no idea how they stack up in their conference. I generally refrain from posting, preferring to just enjoy the postings of others…but i thought it was a bit unfair of some folks to label Northern that way. So no, you did not ‘strike a nerve’ with me, just offerring up another opinion.

  23. Grey – Didn’t have a problem with your comment. I was responding to Pirate. All I said was that everyone on NG was pitchable except for DC. That’s just my opinion after what I saw last night. Also, I have seen plenty oh high profile “dirtbag” players fizzle out at the next level. Showcase ball has zero to do with being good. Go to Legion State Champs and tell me those guys couldn’t play showcase ball. Showcase ball is all about the individual and not the team.

    Just my opinion

  24. Baseball Fan…thanks for the comment, and appreciate you clearing it up. I sensed you were Legion based, so I made sure to point my first comment toward just that Showcase players do get to see some fairly decent pitching, as i am sure the Legion guys do, as well. I am sure there are plenty of Dirtbag, Canes, SC Panther showcase guys that dont perform on the next level as they did at the high school level, as there are Legion guys that dont as well. Talent at the high school level doesnt always translate. However, its nice to see guys do well in high school, whether they are ‘D1’ or not, where they can have an affect on the outcome of a game. Thanks again, enjoyed the exchange of views.

  25. Ummm Phoenix I think you need to get your facts straight before you start spewing your bs.

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