Jackson Kent(HPCA) and Cory Hanes(HP Central) at Rick Lewis’ Phenom 150 Basketball Showcase Camp

*****Rick Lewis has always liked Jackson Kent’s game and he was even more impressed than ever, this past Sunday at the Phenom 150 Camp, in Winston-Salem and Rick Lewis also said that Cory Hanes, from High Point Central, was the most fundamentally sound player in the entire camp….Also notes on Caleb and Cody Martin from Davie County….*****

Player: 6’7 Jackson Kent
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
School: High Point Christian
Class: 2013
Evaluation: The first of a handful of Carolina Challenge participants to appear on the list (held the day prior in Raleigh), Kent, ironically, did not crack my Top 25 list from that event while some others also attending the NC Phenom 150 Camp did. Firstly, the fact that Kent (and the other CC participants) made the effort to attend the event says a lot about his desire to be great. It also lends credence to the rising reputation of this quality event. Playing alongside Troy Caupin, the reclassified 6’7 G didn’t take long to unveil the improved areas of his game. Tightening up his ball handling was obviously a priority for the Division 1 prospect, but his dribbling with a purpose was what wowed me even more. In years past I’ve been a little enamored with the combination of Kent’s length and ability to handle the ball, but I noticed a lot of wasted dribbling. Not now. He attacked the rim relentlessly and turned the corner on defenders all day on his way to easy buckets. As noted in previous scouting reports I’ve done on Kent, his ability to eat space off the bounce is possibly the most tantalizing thing he offers to prospective college coaches. It’s two dribbles and he’s at the rim. Not the quickest cat in the litter, he’s good enough with the rock to draw fouls and earn easy points at the line. Wasn’t challenged defensively b/c of his size and undeniable position on the perimeter – none of the shorter guards thought they could do anything against him – so defense is a question mark. Son of a successful HS coach, Kent’s bball IQ and attitude are where college coaches want them to be. He’s got the size, enough athleticism, and ball skills to play at the Division 1 level. Question is what level within D1.

Player: 6’4 Cory Hanes
Hometown: High Point, NC
School: High Point Central
Class: 2014
Evaluation: Overall the most fundamentally sound player I saw at the event – and it’s not close. Crafty ball handler, good shooter out to the stripe, and NASTY footwork in the post. Most likely a kid who was taller than everybody at a young age and had to play the post. Now that everyone’s caught up size wise, he’s still got the skill set while his perimeter game is catching up. Can finish above the rim with two hands and does not shy away from contact at all. Projects as a college 3 at this point. With a couple more inches he’ll be able to post up smaller perimeter players in college. Not super-quick, but not slow either.

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