Graham Sporting Goods(Famous for Stirrups) High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN:SEG over Southern Alamance 2-0 Final/Williams defeats McMichael and Dudley downs Grimsley

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Wesleyan 3
Westchester 0

WP:Nick Blackwood

Final at Southern Alamance:
Southeast Guilford 2
Southern Alamance 0

WP:Dallas Newton(Complete Game)

Burlington Williams 8
McMichael 4

WP- Dallas Baldwin
LP- J. Harris
Williams 9-3 (5-2)

Dudley 14
Grimsley 11

*****On Friday:Dudley at Smith 5pm and then Dudley back over to Dudley, for Dudley vs. Brush, Ohio 7:30pm…..K.J. McCallister will get one of the starts on Friday for Dudley and my guess is that Kevin Murphy would get the other…..*****

from Wednesday:
Orange 10
Eastern Alamance 9
(8 Innings)
Robbie Lanier(Eastern Alamance)2 home runs


  1. Are we going to get a comment from Phoenix Fan on the BW over McMichael game? Seems like he/she always has a comment for a Northern game. This is two loses in conference, maybe we’re starting to feel a little pressure at the top.

  2. I don’t think McMichael is feeling any pressure at the top just a lack of execution and quiet bats last night. This is a very good team that was just out played by BW last night. Burlington has a good team and anyone who watches any of the games knows that you have to come out ready to play against every team in this conference each and every night and if you don’t you will lose. There is a lot of negative comments on this site and this should be more about the positive things these kids do, they work hard and play hard. Let’s give all the kids in this conference a little credit.

  3. Spectator is correct, Top to bottom, Mid state is a tough conference. On any given night any team can win. Balanced as i have ever seen. Good players on all teams.,

  4. I think Phoenix is probably waiting for baseball fan to comment since baseball fan “probably knows more about baseball than anyone” on this board. But seriously the conference does seem to be pretty level and anyone can win on any night which is great! All the teams have good players whether D1 or not. It looks to be an interesting second half. Looking forward to the young men getting out there and competing and hopefully having a good time doing it. I hope none of the contributors here lose sight of the fact that we are talking about High School baseball.

  5. I agree completely, more sports reporting/talk and less parent pissing matches would be a welcome change.

    Just wanted to give a mid-season congrats to the NG JV squad. Currently 8-0 in conference and continue to find a way to win with only a few true starting pitchers. Complete team efforts have been fun to watch. Good work guys and keep it up. This squad and the younger varsity players should form a pretty strong team in the next few years.

  6. I am just happy to see some positive comments regardless of whether you are a parent or a fan. It is a refreshing change. I was recently made aware of this site as a way to check scores and thought great I can see what is going on everywhere but when I started looking at the comments that people make and the things they say I was shocked. High School Baseball is a great sport and this year has proved to be one of the best seasons I have seen as far as competition in a couple of years. The only negative thing I will say is some of the calls have been a little shady, the umpires have a wide strike zone and game after game it gets worse. Looking forward to the second half of the season and I am sure it will be interesting.

  7. McMichael is a good team but struggles with the bat some. BW is playing well right now and have a chance the 2nd half to make a push because they have EA and WA at home. There is no need for you to be salty nighthawk.

    And yes I do know more about baseball than most of you. I judge talent for a living actually! Get tour facts straight before challenging me

  8. I think we all agree that a reliable source for HS sports would be awesome. Andy does a valiant effort here, hats off to him. However, so much of the data here is self-reported…..meaning parent reported…..that you can’t tell what is fact and what is parents pushing their kids. Well actually you can tell but you see my point.

    So this is a good spot for scores but you have to ignore some of the details like when parents reports that Billy is hitting .625 but they don’t know a walk from a fielders choice.

  9. Spellcheck what Nighthawk? Didn’t realize you were the grammar police. And yes NG recruits and that’s the end of story.

    Great point about parents posting stuff. Unless Andy is making the post then it is probably irrelevant

  10. I meant joking about being a moron and getting my facts straight. I see that Andy or someone has edited the post to remove your statement but I do know you said it. I don’t see how one could know if YOU know more about baseball than anyone on this board or how YOU would know if I was a moron or not without having some facts of your own. I really don’t care to turn this into some kind of I am better than you thing but I won’t stand for someone flinging those kind of remarks around when obviously there is no basis for it.

  11. Let’s all get out and enjoy some games tonight……There is something we can learn every day at one of these contests and we have plenty to choose from tonight….Much of our info comes from the coaches and we have some pretty reliable sources and what shows up in the comment box are comments and we can take them and run toward home with them….Bottom line is the scores and we hope to hit a home run with all of those…..We have a great group of coaches, fans and others passing them along our and when you can get 13-14 high school scores before the paper even hits the street the next day, that is pretty good and let’s roll with what we have for you and not be so critical on individual perceptions….Hopefully the scores will be enough to keep the fires burining and if we are not getting those scores on High School Basebal nights, believe me, we are sure looking for them……Good stuff here and take the good and leave the bad by the curb and keep on running….It is a long road and there’s a way to go….

  12. All in all time to give it a break for a while guys….Time go get the lineup cards filled out for tonight’s games……

  13. Very well said Andy! It is all about the game, the kids and good times! Competition is what makes this game great and with this conference there is plenty of that, it is very evenly spread. Right now the outcome is up in the air.

  14. Thanks Andy. I really do enjoy being able to see the scores here and keep up with most of the action. I think it is also good to be able to see who pitched well, hit a home run, etc… Those facts can’t be manufactured by parents promoting their kid. It is useful info and I hope you will continue to keep it going.

  15. It is my opinion that NG recruits and does shady things. The last thing I will say about this….

  16. You keep saying that it’s your opinion that NG recruits. If you’re so sure, who on the baseball team do you think has been recruited?

  17. Great game by Williams. They have some gritty players and are well coached. Mcmichael sometimes struggle at the plate but are solid on the mound. No excuses for this loss, just outplayed. If you’d like a northern comment, I have will tell you they’re gonna lose to Nick Monroe and and eastern alamance.

  18. As far as the site goes, many things are best left unsaid and unprinted and many times comments or parts of comments will have to be removed…..Leave the kids alone and don’t trashing a coach in public… That is not right unless you would go tell him that to his face and if that is the case, go do it and handle it in that manner…..Makes it tough here tracking what stays and goes, but some of the comments will have to go and they have….Good healthy conversation is good for the soul, but too many negatives are going to create some wounds that might be hard to heal…..

  19. How can you lose, when u have all senior pitching and mostly seniors and juniors. We need our old coach back. we have one of the best team in conference but no leadership. Get the RC Cougars someone who knows what they are doing. The kids do not put players in positions……

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