Grasshopper Deals This Year

The Grasshoppers are holding the line with costs this year and REWARDING those who plan ahead.

1. Buy your tickets before the day of the game and you will avoid a Game-Day increase!
2. Thirsty Thursday Ticket Book – a TRIPLE BONUS!!!!
– Save $2 over buying your Ticket at the Gate (10 tickets for $50)
– Available in Ticket Books of TEN (in advance)
– Tickets Good Any Thursday
– Use your tickets one at a time, or invite up to nine of your friends.
3. Money Off Mondays continue:
– $5 ticket (General Admission).
– $1 sodas, water, beer.
– $1 Hot Dogs
4. More Ticket Plans for primarily Weekend Games (the more popular games).

The Grasshoppers are wheeling and dealing at GSOHOPPERS.COM. So take a look at the deals and remind yourself, the Early Bird gets the discount!