‘Between the Lines” with High School Baseball Today:Continuations, Grimsley at EG and Graham Easter Tournament

Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford 5pm….Play resumes in the 4th Inning with SWG in front 2-1….Game halted due to rain and lightning on Tuesday…
High Point Central at Northwest Guilford 5pm….Play resumes in the 5th Inning with NWG on top 3-0….Game suspended on Tuesday night due to weather conditions…
Grimsley at Eastern Guilford 5pm
Western Guilford in the Graham Easter Tournament
{Western vs. Burlington Christian at 4:30pm]….Game two will be Western Alamance vs. Durham School of Science and Arts at 7:15pm]
*****During daylight time catch the Graham games on 1150AM radio and after sundown, you can pick them up in Alamance County at night….*****+++++Check out their internet hookup too….+++++


  1. Northern Guilford is headed back to Eastern this afternoon to continue their game which was called because of weather last night.

  2. Hard to believe they will continue a game where Northern is already up 14-1 in the top of the 5th with an out or two in place….That game might last 15-20 minutes or it could go longer……What time will they resume the game??? There are probably some rules in place where this game has to be resumed and the powers that be know more about this than I do……

    Will Eastern still play Grimsley today? Hope they still get chance to play that one too…..Could be a good one…..EG beat Grimsley the first time they met this season, in a back and forth game at Grimsley and might have been the very first game of the entire season for both teams…..Was on a Tuesday night at Grimsley……

  3. My understanding is this was a decision made by the Eastern Guilford coach so that Adam Gunn has an opportunity to break the school hitting record on his home field. Anybody checked the gas prices lately?

  4. I was hoping that EG would be playing Grimsley at home today….Fresh start, get yesterday out of your system…..Adam would have had one more hit last night but a great play by the NG LF robbed him of a sure hit….Ball did just not get down enough…..More power to Adam, hope he gets the record today, no matter who they play….The Gunns have a good shot to have a lot of records at Eastern before it is all said and done….I think Adam had a HR vs. Grimsley over at Grimsley back in February….

  5. 4/4 4:30 Western Guilford vs Burlington Christian
    4/4 7:00 DSA vs Western Alamance

    4/5 4:30 SE Guilford vs Alamance Christian
    4/5 7:00 Eastern Alamance vs Graham

    WG-BCA winner vs. WA-DSA winner on Friday and SEG-AC winner vs. EA-Graham winner….Would look for WG-WA and SEG-EA on Friday in the semifinals and the Finals are on Saturday…..SEG has won this thing the past 3-4 years and look out for EA, WA and WG…..Many feel EA is the team to watch with Nick Monroe ready to throw……Nino Marrero(WG), Dallas Newton(SEG) are others to watch out for….

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