Player Evaluation from Rick Lewis’ Phenom 150 Camp with Daniel Kanakanui(Ragsdale), Reed Lucas(GDS) and 5’5 middle-schooler Tripp Greene(FCD)

from Rick Lewis at The Phenom Hoop Report……(

Remember the last middle school kid that Rick Lewis uncovered??? Tyler Lewis the 7th and 8th grader that started for Forsyth Country Day and the college scouts including Mike Brey and Tommy Amaker were looking at Lewis when he was in the 8th grade….And we have Tripp Greene, a 6th grader at FCD….Rick Lewis is bringing to us again along with Greene we have Daniel Kanakanui(Ragsdale) and Reed Lucas(GDS) on the show today…..

Player: 6’5 Daniel Kanakanui
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
School: Jamestown Ragsdale
Class: 2014
Evaluation: Daniel Kanakanui is a strong and powerful built young prospect that has a unique blend of power yet finesse. Kanakanui used his strength and power on the interior, but also showcased his finesse and grace by stepping out and consistently knocking down mid-range jumpers. He played extremely hard and ran the passing lanes well and understands how to find the kill spots in the defense. Kanakanui can become a solid D1 prospect with improved ball handling skills. That being said, Kanakanui is an intriguing prospect with good upside and potential.

Player: 6’4 Reed Lucas
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
School: Greensboro Day School
Class: 2013
Evaluation: It has been fun watching the improvement and development in Reed Lucas over the past few years. Lucas has been known as a 3 point assassin with his dialed in approach. Lucas can simply shoot the cover off the ball. There’s an old saying about good shooters, “do your work early” and this approach comes easy to Lucas. Lucas is excellent in finding the kill zones in the teeth of the defense and once he gets his feet squared up to the basket, it is an automatic 3 points. In addition, he has improved his ability to come off screens and is effective and efficient. More importantly, Lucas has improved his athleticism and is a “sneaky jumper” has he has developed some surprising hops/bounce to his game. D1 schools that are looking for an excellent shooter with a tremendous work ethic and understanding of the game should look no further than the GDS standout.

Player: 5’5 Tripp Greene
Hometown: Wilkesboro, NC
School: Forsyth Country Day
Class: 2018
Evaluation: We rarely mention middle school players in the high school write ups, but Tripp Greene is not your ordinary middle school player. Greene is a young player that is advanced beyond his peers for his grade and talent level. We are talking about a fundamentally sound young player that possesses a high basketball IQ and knows how to play the game the correct way. In several situations, he found himself playing against older and bigger players, but felt completely comfortable and at ease. I guess when you know how to play the game, it doesn’t matter how old/young you are. Greene has advanced ball handling, passing and shooting skills and utilizes a steady diet of offensive skills that made him one of the favorites of all the scouts in attendance. He was able to manipulate and get his shot off against the older players and changes speeds effectively in the open court. While Greene was one of the youngest players in attendance, his play was equal to that of his older counterparts. Simply stated, it is refreshing to watch a young player that has worked hard on his fundamentals and skills sets and use him efficiently in a game setting. I’m sure we will hear a lot more about his young prospect in many years to come.

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