News and Record All-Area Basketball Players

Picking this up from today’s hard copy of the News and Record and not available on-line at……

Boys All-Area Basketball:
First Team
Player of the Year-Frank Eaves(Page)
Tracy Gathings(Smith)
Sam Hunt(Dudley)
Jackson Kent(High Point Christian Academy)
Theo Pinson(Wesleyan)

Second Team
Bryce Benjamin(Northeast Guilford)
Montay Brandon(Northeast Guilford)
Reggie Dillard(Greensboro Day School)
Brandon Hairston(Eastern Guilford)
Jordan Hanner(Southwest Guilford)

Girls First Team
Zena Lovette-Player of the Year
Autumn Carter(Rockingham County)
Brittany Clency(Western Guilford)
Paris Kea(Page)
Lakiya Rouse(Dudley)

Second Team
Sammi Goldsmith(Bishop McGuinness)
Natalie Harper(Northwest Guilford)
Jessica Pone(Southwest Guilford)
Ronata Rogers(Greensboro Day School)
Khadejah Wilkerson(Greensboro Day School)

Boys Coach of the Year:
Freddy Johnson(Greensboro Day School)

Girls Coach of the Year:
Brian Robinson(Bishop McGuinness)


  1. Why is the News & Record the only large NC city newspaper that keeps old news on their front page online and does not print current or recent sports scores and stories online ? Why would anyone care to buy a newspaper just to be this type of information? It is so much easier to come to sites like Watch up News & Record – the future is online not printed trees. If their readership was as high as they claim, then they could get all of the online ads needed. Listen up News & Record – please put your information online and we will start reading your news, sports and whatever else you do.

  2. 2 reasons I can think of:

    1) They want you to buy the printed paper.
    2) They do not currently have the budget to keep the webpage updated to match the stories when the printed edition is delivered.

    Probably a combination of the two.

  3. Forgot to mention: Some newspapers are charging extra if you want to read the “real time” news online. If you don’t buy the printed paper, they want you to pay like $3-5 a month online-only subscription fee.

  4. I was wondering if you have a list of high school players that recieved scholarships in basketball this year? I was kind of curious about some of the players like the senior from NGFS?
    Also, why don’t you guys cover AAU basketball more on this website?

  5. We usually have more AAU Basketball coverage coming in during the Summer, that we do the Spring and you or others have current info, please send and it will get printed…..

    We will have to do some digging to get you the Hoops college-signees list…..

    Heard NGFS will a top-flight girls team to go with their boys Bears next year……

  6. Just wanted to note that Montay Brandon attends Wesleyan Christian and not Northeast Guilford as printed under Boys Second Team.

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