What was the longest hit we saw at last weekend’s NewBridge Invitational?

What was the longest hit we saw this past weekend at the NewBridge Invitational, at NewBridge Bank Park???

Was it the three-run Double to right field by Sean Mas of Northern Guilford, in the game vs. Dudley on Saturday afternoon, or the long Double to the left field corner by Craig Jacobelli, from Southeast Guilford, in the Randleman game on Saturday night….

Or maybe we are forgetting or missing one of the long balls….No home runs, but the ones hit by Mas and Jacobelli, on Saturday, were pretty deep…..

Any thoughts???


  1. Or maybe the triple by Luke Nelson on Friday or the double off the wall in right on Saturday?

  2. Mickey Mantle hit one 634 ft against the Tigers but I think they were asking about the tournament at Newbridge this past weekend! 🙂

  3. The best part of the NewBridge Invitational was listening to Andy and Charlie on the radio calling the game, that was better than listening to the Country Express on the radio any day>

  4. Michael Barrett vs Michael Holmes
    1994 Palomino World Series
    APWU vs. East Cobb, GA

    That ball still has not landed to this day!

    Michael H and APWU go on to dominate East Cobb 11-1
    oh wait, you said at New Bridge? oh…..lol

  5. I do think the ball hit to left field was longer because from what I could see, left was deeper than right.

  6. I remember watching Michael Barrett when he was with the Delmarva Shorebirds and they played against the Greensboro Bats at the old War Memorial Stadium….He was a catcher by then and later had some good years as a catcher for the Cubs and some other major league teams….

  7. Actually Tommy C the left field corner at Newbridge is 315 and the right field corner is 312 and the alleys are 362 and 365 so not much difference. Center is 400 which is where Nelson put that triple past Newton so a bit hard to tell on that one. It sure was fun watching all the guys play on the big field though!

  8. Just want to thank the GSO Hoppers and their staff for putting on a great event. I know a lot (maybe all) of their staff were there – even when that great SEG-NG game ran late. Hats off to the Hoppers staff (and everyone else involved with this event). Let’s do it again next year!

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