1. 2 to 1 Page tonight in a tight game. Sophmore Kyle Smith pitched a whale of a game tonight. Phantom interference call cost us the tieing run in about the 5th. Page was afraid to pitch to Reader all night. It was the right call but it took guts to load the bases a couple times putting the tieing run on third and sent our 4 hole man to the plate. It worked out this time but next time…

    Congratulations Page I would like to see you guys again one more time this year. The first two meetings have been classics.

  2. In the SW game…
    WP: Matt Dale
    Save: Sean Geoghegan
    LP: Matt Horkey

    It’s always a close game when these two schools play.

    Congrats to Mitch Carstens for signing with UNC-A. That kid is a competitor!

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