Looking at the High School Baseball Numbers for this season:’The Stat Tracker’(Keaton Haack joins us with 2 HR’s and need more NWG numbers)

We may need to adjust some of these numbers, but here are the recent additions…..

Got some more info or updates, send them to andy@greensborosports.com…..Getting info from the coaches, the N&R, the games we attend…….(Did we leave anybody out this week, send it to andy@greensborosports.com….)+++++

Home Runs:
Daniel Kennedy(Western Alamance) 9 HR’s
Jaylin Davis(NEG) 7 HR’s
Blake Butler(SEG) 5 HR’s
Cole Wyrick(NEG) 5 HR’s
Taylor Callahan(SEG) 4 HR’s
Matt Orth(SWG) 4 HR’s
Dallas Newton(SEG) 4 HR’s
Donnie Sellers(Westchester) 4
Boston New(Caldwell) 3 plus 18 RBI
Kyle Morrison(Ragsdale) 3
Tyler Chilton(Westchester) 3
Keaton Haack(Northwest Guilford) 2
DJ Reader(Grimsley) 2
Rick Powell(Dudley) 2
Sean Mas(Northern Guilford) 2
Tiger Miller(HPCA) 2
Mitch Carstens(Ragsdale) 2
Robbie Lanier(Eastern Alamance) 2
Brock Deatheridge(Western Alamance) 2
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) 2
Sean Geoghean(SWG) 2
Luke Nelson(Northern) 2
Mario Scott(Smith) 2
Zack Littell(EA) 2
Caleb Robinson(Shining Light Academy) 1
Corey Kimber(Dudley) 1
Nick Monroe(EA) 1
Grayson Evans(NWG) 1
Adam Gunn(Eastern Guilford) 1
Jacob McCann(NEG) 1
Austin Peoples(NEG) 1
Kory Shumate(Grimsley) 1
Seth O’Fallon(Grimsley) 1
Andrew Madden(SWG) 1
Brant Williams(Northern Guilford) 1
DC Arendas(Northern) 1
Trip Dunn(Northern) 1
Nick Schofield(Page) 1
Trey Dobson(Page) 1
Tanner Trantham(Morehead) 1
Joe Pantuso(Ragsdale) 1
Brent Frazier(SEG) 1
Justin Reece(SEG) 1
Brandon Burkes(Dudley) 1
Greg White(Dudley) 1
Hunter Foulks(McMichael) 1
Nino Marrero(Western Guilford) 1
Brandon Ahrens(Western Guilford) 1
Kyle Smith(Grimsley) 1
Zack Canada(Southern Guilford) 1
Devonte Mason(Southern Guilford) 1
Evan Edwards(Southern Guilford)
Andrew Robinson(Shining Light Academy) 1
Tyler Wilson(High Point Central) 1
Landon Biggs(McMichael) 1

Dallas Newton(SEG) [7-0]
Alan Sharpe(Burlington Williams) [7-2]
Matt Millaway(NEG) [5-1]
Dallas Baldwin(BW) [5-2]
Landon Biggs(McMichael) [4-0]
Adam Kirkman(WCD) [4-0]
Jacob Watkins(NEG) [4-1]
Matt Kaplan(Northern) [4-1]
Jeffrey Harris(McMichael) [4-1]
Craig Jacobelli(SEG) [4-1]
Johnny Rollins(Wesleyan) [3-0]
Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance) [3-0]
Zack Littell(EA) [3-1]
Brandon Ahrens(Western Guilford) [3-1]
Devon Sweet(SEG) [2-0]
Austin Bain(SEG) [2-0]
Tyshan Dalton(McMichael) [2-0]
Dylan Gore(McMichael) [2-1]

Brandon Riley(Burlington Williams) .470 avg 23RBI 16SB’s.*****Last check this kid, only a freshman, was among the area leaders in these departments…..*****


  1. I have Caleb Robinson 1 home run and Andrew Robinson with 1 home run for Shining Light Academy

  2. Caleb and Andrew, the Robinson boys have been listed….Now if we can just get some more info on Jackie, Frankie and Brooksie, we ought to have this thing whipped……..

  3. I’m thinking DJ has 2 which is amazing based on the number of strikes he has seen this year. Page put DJ on every time. Kimber had one against Grimsley on Saturday.

  4. DJ does have two….I saw him one of them vs. NWG last week….I had him on one of the updates last week and I wll adding him to this one now and adding in Kimber too…..

    Thanks for the update….

  5. Brock Deatherage hit his 4th home run of the season last night against Northern Guilford.

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