Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight on GSPN:Early entry WES over HPCA in High Point(A ‘big one’ statewide)

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Westchester Country Day 6
Caldwell Academy 4

Glenn 4
Ragsdale 0

WP: Alec Hodges, 7 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 5 W, 4 K
LP: Tim Ambrose, 4 1/3 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 2 W, 0 K

Northeast Guilford 6
Asheboro 4

WP:Jaylin Davis
LP:John Thornburg
NEG(16-6)….NEG Home this Friday on Senior Night vs. Southern Guilford….
NEG hitters:Caleb McCann 1-3/Double….Jaylin Davis 1-3/Double/3 RBI….Jacob McCann 1-4/3 RBI….Cole Wyrick 1-3/Double
Asheboro hitters:Chris Andrews 1-3/Double…

Page 9
Dudley 0

WP:Nick Schofield
Page is really starting to come around with Schofield, Stanley, Putman, Dobson and others…..

McMichael 3
Eastern Guilford 2

WP: Dylan Gore
LP: Tyler Hunt
HR:(McMichael)Landon Biggs two-run HR

Southern Alamance 12
Grimsley 3

Grimsley was up 3-1 early, then it got to 3-3 and the SA Patriots ran and left the Whirlies…

Eastern Alamance 9
Burlington Williams 3

WP: Nick Monroe
LP: Alan Sharpe

Northern Guilford 5
Western Alamance 3

WP:Austin Coltrane 7 innings
Matt Kaplan save
DC Arendas 3-4 2 2b, Trip Dunn 2-4 2b rbi…Austin Coltrane 2-4….Luke Nelson 1-3…NG(12-8)

East Forsyth 5
Northwest Guilford 1

Southwest Guilford 4
High Point Central 3

WP:Matt Orth
LP:Trevor Gay
SWG hitting:Matt Dale 2-4….HPC hitting:Tyler Wilson 2-4 with a HR and a Triple…Will Johnson 2-4….SWG(17-4)/HPC(12-11)….Wilson’s HR for the first for the HP Central team this season…

Southeast Guilford 2
Western Guilford 1

WP:Dallas Newton
LP:Nino Marrero….Both pitchers went the distance….SEG(20-2)/WG(12-8)
Bot 7 WG leadoff single by Keith Anderson…Moved to second on SAC bunt by Reid Flippin….Two gone now for Nic Sasbarro…Back-to-back K’s by Dallas Newton to end/win the game…..
SEG left the bases loaded in the top of the 7th….
Tim Amick with a two-out RBI Double to score Tyrone Woolard who had drawn a walk….
Top 4th bases-loaded walk with two outs gets SEG on the board….Tied 1-1…Fly ball to CF and SEG leaves the bases loaded in the 4th…
Double play by WG ends the top of the third….WG with one man on in the bottom of 3rd and Strikeout ends it….
Double by Taylor Callahan for SEG top 2…One out…SEG gone with two men left on..
Nino Marrero scores for WG…Ground ball by Patrick Nusdeo brings in Marrero…
*****Dallas Newton on the hill for SEG and Marrero for WG.*****

Courtesy of Greg Johnson in High Point with a 4:30pm start…….
Wesleyan 4
High Point Christian 1

WP:John Olzak
LP:Tyler Britton
It was 0-0 in the top of the sixth, then in the Top of the 7th Inning…..Brandon Goodson with an RBI Double and Weston Wilson with a three-run Home Run…..(‘Boom goes the dynamite’ and WES wins…..)


  1. Northern beat Western Alamance 5-3 Coltrane WP Kaplen Save, Arendas 3-4 2 2b,Dunn 2-4 2b rbi, Nelson 1-3, Coltrane 2-4 hr 3rbi, Morgan 1-3, Page 2-3, Game went 8 innings, Coltrane hit 2 run homer in top of 8th, Kaplen pitch well in the 8th, to finish the game. Mas caught a fly ball in center field with a man on 3rd in the bottom of the 7th and threw a strike to home for the third out to extend the game. Great game by both teams!

  2. Eastern Alamance 9
    Williams 3
    WP: Nick Monroe
    LP: Alan Sharpe

    Williams picked up two unearned runs in the first before Nick Monroe settled down and controlled the game. The senior also was a monster at the plate with a 3 run shot over the left field wall to put EA up for good.

  3. Northern beat Western Alamance 5-3, WP Coltrane 7 innings, Kaplan save, Arendas 3-4 2 2b, Dunn 2-4 2b rbi, Nelson 1-3 rbi, Coltrane 2-4 hr 3rbi, Morgan 1-3, Page 2-3, Mas caught a fly ball in center field with 1 out and men on 1st and 3rd and threw a strike to the plate for the third out, to extend the game. Then in the top of the 8th Coltrane hit a two run hr, to give Nothern a 5-3 led. Kaplan pitched well in the 8th to finish the game. Great game by both teams.

  4. Mcmichael 3 eastern guilford 2
    Eastern was ahead until the 5th inning when junior Landon Biggs stepped up and hit a 2 run homer to tie the game. Dylan gore came in to relief Jeffrey Harris and does an excellent job. Easterns bats continue to struggle..good luck to you for the rest of the season Phoenix!
    WP: Dylan gore
    LP: Tyler Hunt

  5. I went to see two private school games on Tuesday. The first being Wes vs. HP Chirstian and then drove down the road to Westchester to see that game. Private baseball is so much better then public baseball. Scott Davis at Wes is a baseball guy knows what he is doing and knows what it takes to get his players to the next level. Coach Gazelle at HP is a good baseball guy who has some good players. The Westchester has great staff with Wilson, Hammond, Blakney, and Couch. I mean those guys know what it takes and then Caldwell had Dan Bozarth who i think is a NE alumni has a good staff himself.. My props goes out to private school baseball i think it is better than public school baseball. Maybe not night in and night out but i like to see a private vs.public challenge

  6. Lets have a public school vs. private school challenge. Here is what i think the matchups would be:

    1. Southeast vs. Wesleyan (this would be a great matchup)

    2. Southwest vs. HP Christian (Who ever scores 2 runs first wins this game)

    3. Northeast vs. Westchester (This would be a slug fest would pay good money to see this game)

    4. Northern vs. Caldwell (This would be very entertaining not to far away are these two schools)

    5. Dudley vs, Calvary (Calvary might have the best arm around they can beat anyone when he is on the bump so can Kimber)

  7. Let’s have a fishing tournament. The private schools can fish wherever they want, even in the oceans of the world. The public schools must fish in their local pond (with the exception of the ones that have IB programs and the academies). LOL

  8. Glenn 4
    Ragsdale 0

    WP: Alec Hodges, 7 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 5 W, 4 K
    LP: Tim Ambrose, 4 1/3 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 2 W, 0 K

    Glenn scored the first run in the bottom of the 3rd on a Sac Fly RBI from Shane Billings. They got two more runs in the 5th on an error and a balk and scored their final run in the sixth on a Brandon Willliamson RBI single.

  9. No doubt Coach Davis at Wesleyan knows what he is doing. Few do more to develop their kids on and off the field. He goes the extra mile to get his kids seen and is connected and respected among college coaches.

  10. I think a public vs. private showcase would be great. GSA does this in soccer and matches 3 publics vs. 3 privates and it is a great event. The Caldwell girls are actually taking on Grimsley in this event this Saturday. On another note, I see what 77 Hornet is getting at with his fishing comment. However, I think some credit should be given to those coaches for doing what they do with small pools to choose from. Not everyone recruits. To my knowledge Boston New is the only kid on the Caldwell baseball team who came from a public school. The rest of these kids are home grown. Mancuso, Sanfilippo, Young have all been here since kindergartern. Our starting leftfielder has not even played baseball in 4 years and our coaches take him and do the best they can with him. I think we have lost a lot more to the public school, through no fault of the baseball program, than we have ever received. Kevin Rose left here a few years ago to go play at Grimsley. Joe Pantuso (Ragsdale), Reid Flippin (Western), Kyle Smith (Grimsley) and couple JV kids at Grimsely just to name a few were all here at some point and would have been tremendous assets. It works both ways. Bozarth is a NE guilford alum.

  11. People make change in their lives because of 2 reasons. They are either PULLED or PUSHED.

    People talk recruiting and “pulling” all the time. I think it happens alot less than you think…..and clearly no more than the recruiting within the public schools that’s been well documented on this site.

    I think the “push” from public is overlooked alot. I think you’d be hard pressed to name a private school kid that was highly valued at their public school before they left. Bottom line is that private schools are NOT stock piled with talent, they play alot of kids that wouldn’t start at SE or SW. But the private coaches coach up “little Billy” alot, help some develop alot……and then public schools say….”see, little Billy should be at such and such public school”. Too many times it’s a political mess, lack of talent recognition, lack of development which pushes kids to find a new home.

  12. CA FAN who is the guys who help Caldwell. I recognized one guy but could not place his name.

  13. “I think we have lost a lot more to the public school, through no fault of the baseball program, than we have ever received.” I wonder why that is…..maybe public school baseball will always be better than private school baseball. Just a thought and opinion….baseball will always be a blue collar game and no offense (I know there will be some taken) but kids that attend private school really don’t come from blue collar backgrounds through no fault of their own…..just an observation don’t rake this guy over the coals!

  14. Dennis Sizemore is the first base coach at Caldwell. He is a teacher there and former AD. Mike Reiss is the other coach and he is a Caldwell dad.

  15. Thanks Calvin and CA fan, sounds like Dan Bozarth went out and found him a good staff as well.

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