Congrats to the Corrigan/Faircloth Scholarship Winners from Guilford County:Campbell, Cranford, Brad Davis, Lyelle Davis, Dixon, Futrell, Loosemore, Jacob McCann, Mitchell, Petty, Rose, Stanfield, Tapp

A fairly sizeable list list of winners from Guilford County and they have received the Gene Corrigan/Bradley Faircloth National Football Foundation Scholarships and they are among the winners:
Tyler Campbell(Northwest Guilford)
Christian Cranford(Page)
Brad Davis(Ragsdale)
Lyelle Davis(High Point Andrews)
TJ Dixon(Western Guilford)
Gabe Chauvigne-Futrell(Grimsley)
Joey Loosemore(Eastern Guilford)
Jacob McCann(Northeast Guilford)
Mark Mitchell(Northern Guilford)
Phillip Petty(Southeast Guilford)
J’lin Rose(Southern Guilford)
Kevin Stanfield(Southwest Guilford)
Anthony Tapp(Dudley)

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