The fans are finally going to get what they’ve been wanting:Word up/Word in today says NEG, EG and NG, all three will be together in the same conference under the new NCHSAA alignment

Word up/Word in today, so get ready fans of the Rams, Nighthawks and Wildcats…..You will be together soon in the same conference and this really boost a few football gates…..This should take place in the Fall of 2013……

Here is the word from the street and the street runs right through the NCHSAA offices……

Appears the realignment is completed…Mid State will now have 9 teams with the
addition of Northeast…..Northern, Northeast and Eastern Guilford in each other’s
back yard!!!!

Mid-State 3-A: Eastern Alamance, Eastern Guilford, McMichael, Morehead, Northeast
Guilford, Northern Guilford, Rockingham County, Western Alamance, Williams….


  1. @ Western

    You’re looking at it all wrong…..Western may actually be able to win some games now that they don’t have to compete with Guilford County teams. I can actually see them competing and winning that conference and maybe making a run in the playoffs. If you guys were in the same conference with Northern, NE Guilford , E.Alamance, and W.Alamance you would be the 5th or 6th best team never making the playoffs.

  2. @ Western

    Western Guilford’s ADM’s for the 2013 realignment was 1381. The ADM for the last realignment was 1461.

    They will be in the top ten largest schools in 3A

  3. I am not at Western but I can understand what “Western” is feeling. Western has been a 4A school or in the larger school bracket for nearly its entire history. Nearly all of its trophies and awards were earned via 4A play. All of their rivals are 4A schools whether that is Northwest, Smith, Dudley, Grimsley, Southwest, etc. When those schools came to Western it was going to be a barn burner most nights. Other than the dedicated fan of Western, who really wants to see Randolph Co or rural Forsyth Co teams coming to Western? Who wants to travel 40 minutes away to see a basketball or football game weekly? Western and its boost clubs will lose a lot of gate receipts behind these changes. Yes – Western may win more on the field/court but they will lose big time at the bank. I just hope they can maintain their rivaries with schools like Northwest.

  4. Feel our pain – Mid Piedmont 3A conference plays in 4 different counties – no true rivalries in this conference as the teams are too far apart! But don’t count on WG beating all the teams in this conference – just because we are 3A doesn’t make us soft!

  5. I see where this hurts Western. Even though they are now a 3A school due to enrollment, many of their rivalries and big gate games were with Guilford County teams. It also impacts budgets as the attendance will not be as great as before.

  6. Remember people in 2013 the NCHSAA is bringing back the endowment games. That means teams can drop 1 non-conference loss. Western will play an 11 game schedule in 2013 with 5 non-conference games on it. That means they will still play NW Guilford, and a few other teams that bring large crowds. If Western wants big crowds it simple start winning some games!

  7. @ just saying, you obviously don’t have a clue.

    There’s more than just football. The other sports teams have been handing just fine in the Metro. Overall, how did the 3A team do against the Metro 4a?

  8. This also reminds me of how Carver in Winston was once a powerhouse in this area but it is no more. They are all the way down to 2A and it will be worst after the new school in Walkertown opens up. It will be hard for Western to get its population back above the needed 4A line based on the population shifts in Guilford Co. Northern actually should be 4A but that is a different story. I don’t understand why Western could not join the conference with Northern and Eastern. If Western can win, then people will show up but if they have an average or below average team, their stands will be empty.

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