Vote to boot Bishop McGuinness, Cardinal Gibbons and Charlotte Catholic out of the NCHSAA fails


CHAPEL HILL — A vote that would have removed parochial schools from the N.C. High School Athletic Association competition and another that would have created a separate playoff format for charter schools each failed, NCHSAA commissioner Davis Whitfield announced Thursday.

Each vote needed three-fourths of NCHSAA members – or 293 schools – in favor of the two amendments in order to pass.

The parochial school vote had 234 in favor of removing Cardinal Gibbons, Charlotte Catholic and Kernersville Bishop McGuinness from the association, while 51 voted no.

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  1. OK so let’s have schools open their books so it can be publicly verified no financial aid is being given to athletes.

  2. Over 100 schools DID NOT VOTE … over 82% of the schools that voted wanted to level the playing field. I hope a report comes out soon about which schools chose not to vote!! They have already admitted that aid has been given to athletes, only they call it “need based” — have never understood letting them play in the same classificatioin as the boundary based public schools. I wonder why they (the private/charter schools dont play in the already existing CISSA class for private schools … something tells me that they will claim “it’s not a level playing field.”

  3. I never understood why they were allowed to play with public schools. Not fair playing field when they have NO boundaries to follow and the public schools they play do. Just not right. I coach at a private school and feel they should be in with the High Point Christians and Wesleyan schools.

  4. Obviously the vote count was not enough but how would you feel going to work tomorrow knowing that nearly 80% of those that voted – voted to remove you from the company but the only reason you will continue to work is that 20-25% of the company was on vacation or missed the vote. Now going forward, you know that nearly 3 out of 5 or even 4 out of 5 of those around you wish you were not there. Bishop would be welcomed to join the private school ranks in a heart beat. Why keep going thru this year after year – just go true private and play whatever public schools that you want when you can.

  5. I just think that it is sad that 105 schools did not even bother to vote on this issue. Some stated that they didn’t vote deliberately because they knew that would be the same as a NO vote. Step up and go on record as to how you feel about the issue, don’t not vote so people won’t know what your true intentions were.

    The NCHSAA has stated they will review the Private School situation going forward. I for one think they should at least publish the llist of the schools who voted “yes” or “no” and a list of all the schools that didn’t take the time to vote. If you are going to be a part of the Association, you should vote on issues that are obviously important to most of the membership. 80% of those voting voted YES. That should tell the NCHSAA something

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