One on One/Q&A with Thuc Phan(Page HS) as he goes from Deerfield Academy to Elon University

Our one on one/question and answer session, with Thuc Phan formerly of Page High School, who has spent the past school-year at the Deerfield Academy, a prep school up in Massachusetts…Thuc is now ready to transition and play football for the Phoenix, at Elon University, in 2012….

Andy Durham:Was Elon always a school on your list of potential colleges?
Thuc Phan:Initially Elon wasn’t on my top list of potential colleges to attend
however it was definitely on the list and I was always fond of the school
and the football program.

AD:Did they follow or keep up with you, while you were at Deerfield?
TP: Since my move to the northeast, none of the southern schools kept up
or followed me. I was mostly contacted by schools up North. On another
note, I was still familiar with some of the coaches from down South and
often I would contact them to talk about possibilities of attending
their school and my chances of having an opportunity to play football.

AD:In what areas have you improved while you have been away at Prep School?
TP:My time at Deerfield Academy has been amazing thus far. I felt like I
have grown as an individual moreover as a student-athlete. This place has
broaden my horizon academically and helped improve my work ethics as an
athlete. Besides athletics and academics, having the opportunity to engage
wonderful and talented people at this school really help me understand
other perspectives of people, which made it a total learning experience.
Ultimately, being away at a prep school has really enhance all areas of my

AD:How about your current size and speed?
TP:For my current size and speed. My stature hasn¹t change much as I am
still about 5″6. However, I have gained more muscle mass, weighing nearly
170. As for my speed, I believe I’m improving and am working hard towards
perfecting my form and mechanics. I’ve been working hard towards gaining
weight while retaining my speed and building more muscle mass.

AD:Did you play ball this past fall at Deerfield and if so what kind of
numbers did you put up/post?
TP: I did play ball this fall. We had a 7 game season, but overall I
posted 700 rushing yards, and 14 touchdowns. With a 2-5 record.

AD:Looking forward to teaming up with former Page teammate John Spain at Elon?
TP: I am very excited to be joining my former teammate and a close friend,
Jon Spain again. He has done terrific at Elon, and having the chance to
play ball with him again will be a great experience.

AD:Chances to play this fall for Elon and if not this Fall how soon before you
see yourself getting in there???
TP: At this moment I do not know when I will report to Elon. It could be
later or earlier this summer. This is such a recent process that I am
still in the progress of getting all the information together. I will know
the situation throughly soon, perhaps in a couple of weeks.

AD:Thoughts on Page winning it all this past fall in the 4-AA Football
TP: I very proud of my team for going all the way this past year. I know
how hard they work for this opportunity and finally their dream came true.
Its an honor to be part of the Pirate family and being able to witness
them winning the state championship. I always jokingly say ” Too bad I’m a
year short of having a ring.”

AD:What will you study at Elon?
TP: I want to major in sports medicine and perhaps minor in business.

AD:Your workout program for this summer and will you be enrolled for summer
classes at Elon?
TP: I will be working out with my trainers this summer, hoping to improve
and get better. I do not know if I will be taking summer courses at Elon
yet. I will find out soon enough, once I graduate.

*****Good luck to Thuc, he’s fine young man….*****

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  1. Deerfield Academy is one of the top prep schools in the country and very difficult to get in. It says alot about Thuc that he would be accepted there to attend for only one year. Hope he does well at Elon both on and off the field.

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