Kevin Costner will make an appearance tonight at the Carolina Theatre downtown, as ‘Field of Dreams’ hits the big screen

Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, Shoeless Joe Jackson and others will all be downtown tonight for the showing of ‘Field of Dreams’, at the historic Carolina Theatre…..It is all part of the Carolina Classic Series, at the Carolina Theatre and the showing of this classic baseball movie/feature film, ‘Field of Dreams’, gets under way at 7:30pm…..

Something tells me Moonlight Graham(Burt Lancaster) is going to be talking to Ray tonight and that little kid is going to choke on something, like a hot dog, while watching the game out by the corn field and Doc is going to save the kid and then Shoeless Joe Jackson and the others are going to come walking out of that corn field and then the Cubs end up winning the 2012 World Series, or is it the Rangers that win it this year….

You find out tonight when you head on down to the Carolina Theatre and enter the cornfield/’Field of Dreams’……(7:30pm fist pitch)