Reebok Breakout Challenge coming up with Jackson Kent, Christian Hairston, Matt Uchedike, Emeka Ikezu and Chri Corchiani Jr.(This is where John Wall broke through)

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Phenom Quote of the Day: “Playing hard should be the norm rather than the

Phenom Question of the Day: “Would you rather coach this kid every game of
the year or coach against him twice a year.”

Phenom Hoop Report Philosophy: “Balanced, thorough and detailed evaluations
based upon the 3 P’s philosophy of Performance, Production, and Potential”

The Reebok Breakout Challenge is back for 2012 to once again give deserving
players an opportunity to let their game make their name. It all started in
the summer of 2007 as John Wall used The Reebok Breakout Challenge as his
personal playground and elevated this path to stardom. Yes, John Wall
attended the Breakout in 2007, as an unknown and unranked player with no
national reputation. John Wall simply had a “breakout” performance on the
court and his game made his name and not the other way around! By the end of
the summer, John Wall was the number one ranked player in his class by
several scouting services and went on to be the number one pick in the 2010
NBA Draft.

The Reebok Breakout Challenge will take place on July 10-13, 2012 at
Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA. It will consist of games and
training sessions, and most of all it will be held during the important
“live period” to NCAA College Coaches for evaluation. There are simply two
ways to earn an invitation to this prestigious camp. First, a player must be
unanimously be selected by Reebok’s committee of national scouts or earn an
invitation by being a top performer at the Reebok Headliner Try Outs or the
Reebok Showdown Series.
249.jpg The Reebok Showdown
Series is a brand new concept for 2012. The Reebok Showdown Series consists
of 6 team tournaments around the country. Each location will host 32 teams
at both the 17U and 16U age groups. The top individual players at each
tournament will earn invitations to the Reebok Breakout Challenge.
Additionally, the top finishing teams in each region will be invited to
participate in the exclusive championships in Philadelphia on July 13-15
during the NCAA live evaluation period.

The Reebok Showdown Series for the Southern Region will be held May 11-13,
2012 at the Gateway YWCA in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Southern
Region is absolutely loaded with quality teams in both age divisions.
(Insert Reebok game schedule). In the 17U age division, the teams are SEBL,
West Virginia Wildcats, Team Cobras, NC Gaters East, Team Loaded, Virginia
Elite, Norfolk Knights, Raleigh Capitals, D One Sports, Team Charlotte, Team
Vision Elite, Carolina Ticks, Upward Stars, NC Express, Swish City Elite,
and Charlotte Elite. 6”2 Post Graduate Corbin Collins will play with Swish
City Elite while some of the top players will come from team like the NC
Express as 6’7 Shane Whitfield, 6’3 2012 Post Graduate Kadeen Allen, 6’5
Josh Cuthbertson, 6’7 Nigel Holley, and 6’9 Yousoppha Kane. (Whitfield,
Holly and Kane all being alum of the NC Phenom 150 Camp) SEBL will have 6’8
Tyrek Coger, 6’8 Donte Reynolds, and 6’3 Post Graduate JT Miller. (All three
being alum of the NC Phenom 150 Camp) Team Loaded will have a “loaded” squad
with 6’3 Troy Caupain, 6’7 Jackson Kent, 6’0 Andrew Rowsey, 6’8 Jerome
Simmons, 6’5 RJ Curington, 6’4 Patrick Rooks, and 6’7 Brian White. (
Caupain, Kent, Rowsey, Rooks, and White are all regulars of the NC 150 Camp)
D One Sports will have high flyer 6’5 Torian Graham who has re-classed to
the 2013 class and 6’2 Josh Newkirk with Newkirk being an alum of the NC
Phenom 150Camp. The West Virginia Wildcats will have 6’9 Nathan Adrian, 6’1
Luke Eddy, and 6’2 Chase Eddy. Upward Stars will have 6’10 Sidy Mohamed, 6’3
Justin Dotson, and 5’10 Alec Wintering. (Dotson and Wintering are alum of
the NC Phenom 150 Camp) NC Express will have 6’9 Stavian Allen, 6’7
Christian Hairston, 6’9 Emeka Ikezu, and 6’10 Matthew Uchedike while all
four players being alum of the NC Phenom 150 Camp. The NC Gaters will have
6’7 Michael Tilotson, 5’11 Steve Himmelberg, and 6’3 John Moser. (Himmelberg
being alum of the NC Phenom 150 Camp)Team Vision Elite will have 6’9 Dusan
Kovacevic, 6’2 Matthew Woods, and Patjo Twagirayezu. (Kovacevic and Woods
alums of the NC Phenom 150 Camp) Team G.O.O.D. will have 5’11 Jordan Scott,
6’4 Jarrell Brantley, and 6’5 Patrick Vincent. The Carolina Ticks have 6’2
Rashad Roberts, 6’5 Will Stevenson, and NC Phenom 150 alum 6’5 Gejuan Long.
Norfolk Knights will feature 6’7 Aaron Johnson while 5’11 Chris Corchiani
Jr. will spearhead the Raleigh Capitals.

In the 16U age division will feature some of the nation’s top under-classmen
in 6’1 2016 Seventh Woods, 6’3 Perry Dozier, 6’7 Christian Buie, and 6’4
2014 standout LJ Peake. (Woods and Dozier are alum of the NC Phenom 150
Camp) The West Virginia Wildcats feature 6’10 2015 Levi Cook, 6’7 Cory
Pitts, and NC Phenom 150 regular 6’4 Nick George and Team Charlotte will
feature 6’5 James Demery. NC Red Storm has 6’2 Josh Dawson, 6’8 Gary Clark,
and 6’9 NC Phenom 150 alum Thaxter Spruill.