For or Against ACC Friday Night Football??? What’s a high school football fan to do?

The ACC has decided to add three Friday night football games to their upcoming schedules and this might cause Friday Football Fever on the high school level to take a hit…..Are you for or against Friday Night Football in the ACC???

Why don’t they just play more games on Saturday nights and leave the Friday nights to the high school teams? In the future, if the ACC starts playing about half of their games on Friday nights, what’s a football fan to do??? You graduated from Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State or Wake Forest and your alma mater is playing on Friday night in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham or Winston-Salem and your son’s high school team, or the high school your daughter cheers for, they are playing on the same night…..

What gives, loyal to old college or true blue/red/black/gold/white to your family on the high school home front??? Something has to give…….

7 thoughts on “For or Against ACC Friday Night Football??? What’s a high school football fan to do?”

  1. ACC Football wins out here. The state needs the ACC much more than they do high school football. Much higher tax value with the ACC. It is all about dollars and sense.

  2. If my son is playing, high school wins out over watching ACC football. But, to the casual fan, most likely ACC football would win out, which would hurt the gate receipts and concessions at HIgh Schools. What a shame. I wish college football would leave Friday night alone.

  3. Well, if Carolina was playing on a Friday night, my husband wouldn’t complain about being a football widower from August to November/December at least one of those nights. He can have the television/radio and I can keep the computer for listiening to South Point games. Of course, with my luck, the Tarheels would play the same Friday that my team has a bye week.

    As for who wins out – if mom and dad are still togethe and dad wants to keep it that wayr, mom makes sure dad is at junior’s game or watching Baby Girl on the side line.

  4. I am watching the high school first ever time. I can watch the ACC game on my smart phone via the ESPN app. Plus, the ACC has few matchups that they will put on a Friday night that will be “must see” football. Most of these games will likely be BC vs Maryland, Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech or Pittsburgh vs Virginia. The big games such as Carolina vs Florida State, Miami vs VT, Clemson vs State will all be on Thursday night or Saturday.

  5. Screw College football on Friday nights……The ACC is just getting it’s a** Kicked by the SEC, and Big 10 on Saturday’s so they figure they’ll play games on Friday so they don’t have to deal with the competition……Boycott the ACC games and go support your local High School!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well, for the next two years, my place will be in the stands at the high school watching my daughter cheer! Family comes first!

  7. This is the last season of high school football where my family will have a child playing for quite some time, but that doesn’t matter to me. I love high school football and will continue to listen to Andy and crew broadcast games from Guilford after this upcoming season is over. I just wish I could be there in person to check a game out every once in a while. What I am saying is……the Friday night lights should be reserved for the kids!

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