Former Greensboro Grasshoppers and now Miami Marlins catcher Brett Hayes gets caught in-between ‘would-be intruder’ and ‘spot-on shooter’

Brett Hayes is a former catcher for the Greensboro Grasshoppers and now the part-time starting catcher for the Miami Marlins…Thursday was an off-day for him and he got in-between an intruder/shooter….from The Big League Stew at YAHOO! Sports…..

Twitter feed of Miami Marlins catcher Brett Hayes on Thursday night when he wrote the following message:

Sitting in traffic on the turnpike and a man with a gun just walked by our car.. Not good

From the Miami Herald:

“He(the shooter) and I made eye contact, and he looked like he was up to no good,” Hayes said. “Something was very wrong. I just had a very bad feeling. My wife and I were in shock. I told her ‘Do not look at him.’ He was walking like he was walking down the street. It was really creepy. but his face … it was pretty scary to be honest with you.”

Shortly after the man passed their car, Hayes said a law enforcement officer wearing a bulletproof vest came walking past with gun drawn. After traffic began moving, Hayes said he turned on the radio and heard that officers had been shot.

“My wife and I said a big, long prayer for them,” Hayes said.

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