Round Two of the NCHSAA Baseball Playoffs coming up next Tuesday

Providence(25-2) lost to Mount Tabor tonight, 5-4 in 9 innings…South Point(20-1) got beat by Asheville(7-15) 1-0…Providence was the #1 Ranked 4-A team in the state and South Point, defending 3-A Champs from 2011…TC Roberson 6, Hopewell 5….

Next Tuesday we have:
4-A’s…Mount Tabor(14-11) at Dudley(15-9)
West Forsyth(19-7) at Southeast Guilford(23-3)
Northwest Guilford(15-11) at Davie County(20-4)
WS Reagan(17-7) at East Forsyth(17-7)

Northeast Guilford(19-7) at Gray’s Creek(21-3)
Southern Lee(16-11) at Burlington Williams(18-9)
Eastern Alamance(18-8) at Orange(17-8)
McMichael(19-6) at Cardinal Gibbons(19-6)

Asheboro wins on Friday night 2-0 over JM Robinson and we await the Blue Comets second round opponent…


  1. Its a travesty that the best team does not win in the baseball playoffs……only game where 1 player can win a game for you!

  2. The best team did win… In every game the best team that day, for that game, always wins…. You can’t look past anybody to the next game, you play every game as if it were your last game…. There is no tomorrow, everything is the here and the now…. Play for today and let tomorrow take care of its self…. If you play for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come…. Ask Providence about that…. That lowly team had no chance of beating them, or so they thought, so they looked past them to the next game…. Now the next game for them will be next March…. The only “travesty” that I see is the fact that you can’t see the facts which are as plane as the nose on your face… Hit the ball, run the bases, make the plays you should make, hit your spots, don’t swing at balls in the dirt, and leave all that you have for that day, on the field…. The team that does these things the best that day will be the winner…. These are the facts that you seem to over look… These are the facts that make up the best team, and these are the facts that make up those teams that will be playing on Tuesday and the ones who will be watching on Tuesday….

  3. I don’t know Coach Simmons, but I can tell you that SWG’s players will stand a much better chance of “winning in life” (to use keep your job’s phrasing) for having played for Coach Holmes than they would if they had not had that opportunity.

    He teaches his kids about a lot more than just “winning in baseball” and he lives out as good an example of how to be a man as they’re ever going to find anywhere.

    The baseball he teaches them, and it’s considerable, is just a bonus. To even imply that that’s a losing program over at SWG sounds to me like venting and I have no problem with a good vent, but to publicly call out a good man who’s also a fine baseball coach in the process ain’t going to teach anybody anything about “winning”.

  4. coach Holmes is a very good coach and a better person. we all hate to lose. while I have nothing against Dudley baseball, I wanted SWG to win simply because I was pulling for Dale, Orth, and Kellam. I felt SWG was a better team but Dudley can play with anyone with Kimber on the mound. it was a 1game series and last night Dudley’s best player played better than SWG best player. it happens.

  5. I will be willing to bet that these same comments appear every year about the same school and associated parties. Kids and parents move on through the system–just saying”!!!
    PS. I agree with Dr. Al on many of his points–you have to hit it, catch it, and throw it every time you step between the white lines—if the best team has a mediocre day and the mediocre team has their best day, then it’s “wait ’til next year!”.

  6. sounds like SWG beat themselves some, which is usually the case. 4 walks and a HBP all in 1 inning will beat a lot of teams. Holmes could not pitch Dale or Sean because they threw Monday a bunch. Orth has neen hurt most of the year. sounds like he had a rough 1st inning and Dudley took advantage of it. Holmes started a guy that may go to unc. he is a good pitcher. some days you are just off a bit. congrats to Dudley and Kimber.

  7. You know, this is the best website around for local sports. Great place to read about the local kids and for them to get some recognition.

    Then you have someone like “keep your job” who has an axe to grind and makes statements that lend nothing to the conversation.

    Coach Simmons and Coach Holmes are outstanding men and coaches who do more than just coach; they teach and mold young men. To say they underachieve to keep their jobs is ridiculous. Grimsley has struggled recently but are well coached. SWG has been at the top of the PTC since it was formed. Winning 20 games in a season is not underachieving. Losing in a single elimination playoff is not underachieving, it’s just getting beat by a better team on that particular day.

    “keeping your job” is dead wrong and his comments are out of place. I think anyone who follows baseball would support Coach Holmes and Coach Simmons.

  8. Coach Holmes is a good coach and even a better person, teacher and mentor. Congrats to Dudley on a well played game and good luck in the next round,

  9. Its always somebody who’s going to hate on Dudley High School because of who they are. Kimber shut down SWG, POINT BLANK PERIOD!! They out hit SWG. The game was over in the 1st inning and Kimber knew that, so he did what he had to do to finish the game. Not taking anything away form SWG but people never give Dudley enough credit. Good luck to Dudley in the 2nd Round.

  10. Southwest Guilford got off to rough start and Dudley was their to take full advantage of it…You have to give the Panthers credit, they won the game….Orth got off to a bad start with the walks, the hits, the hit batter and 5-0 Dudley early….Orth settled down and he did not give up a run the rest of the way…..He got command of his pitches and he gave his team a chance to win…..Kimber had his control and he was doing a very good job of mixing up his fastball with his curveball and he and the Dudley Panthers had success….

    Coach Holmes does a first-class job and he is turning out fine young men that are going on to play in college and the Cowboys just had another 20-win season…This program is a success…..That was a great night and a great place to watch a game on Friday at SWG…..Field was outstanding, with green grass everywhere and the park is one of the best around, even down to the Public Address announcer, he sounds like what you would hear at a State Championship Game….

    The SWG Cowboys are not losers…..Dudley won the game and SWG kept on battling back and Kimber along with his defense did their jobs…They made deep fly ball catches and those are supposed to be routine, but in a big game like that, nothing is guaranteed…..

    Dudley got the win and it gives the Panthers a chance to keep on playing and their coach Larry Farrer has nearly died a couple of times in the past year, due to health complications, so it gives him a chance to keep on playing the game of life too…..We will keep on pushing Kimber, and Burkes, Powell, McAllister, Murphy, young Eli Harris, Williamson, Sowell, Spruiell and all of the Panthers and the Cowboys will play again….

    Give SWG a couple of days and they will be back out there playing ball again somewhere…..This is not the end of the world and it is definitely not the end of your baseball career….SWG and Coach Holmes, plus his family are first-class and we are lucky to have them with us here in Guilford County and remember, in the end we are all in this together and we have to stick together through it all….

    Good luck to the Panthers and good luck to the SWG Cowboys with all the seniors moving on and the underclassmen that are coming back…..

  11. So, what happens to Dudley next year? Kimber will be gone. From what I see he carried the whole team ever since he has been there. It will be sad, but a fact. Sorry Dudley, its just the truth

  12. And one more thought, we have good coaches, good people and some good baseball to watch and talk about, so we have a lot to be thankful for in that regard….We need to stay away from the personal attacks and stick to the baseball points and by all means, don’t bring any kids into play here, unless you have something positive to say…….How many teams do we have left???? Is it four and it is….

    SEG all still in the hunt…….I wonder what the pulse is like down in the Providence High and South Point neighborhoods this morning??

  13. I saw Grimsley play this year and Joe Torre could not win with that group. Some of you people need to get over yourselves and your son’s ability (or lack thereof).

  14. I don’t see where anyone is hating on Dudley. not one negative comment. stop trying to start something up that is not there.

  15. Same ol’ song, same ol’ story . . . . . just because you have a top notch facility and all that, it’s the kids who play the games. I’ve constantly hear these gripes when the “suppose to be big thing” gets beat. That’s the problem with youth sports in Guilford County . . . . . .PARENTS ! You’ve had your chance and if you didn’t succeed tuff, but don’t put that pressure on your kid because you came up short. This is there time, let them live it and just be the best parent support that you can . . . that is “IF U CAN’\”,if u can’t keep it to yourself.. Another thing,you do your job as a parent and let coaches do there’s . . . coach. They’re more qualified than your “mouth”. Like to see you coach in high school ball with teaching and all the rest that they have to deal with as teachers on a dat to day basis . . .you’d win a state champioship hands down I’m quite sure. I was taught when you’re a child you act as a child,but when I became an adult, I put away my childish ways. I see some folks on here have never grown up. Ignorance is bliss and silence is golden; if you can’t stand the heat . . . .then get out of the kitchen ! If you can’t say some thing good,then shut up, no one will ever know the difference!

  16. Southwest Guilford has a good team but Corey Kimber is one of the toughest pitchers in NC. I have seen all the top pitchers in the area and Dudley can compete with any team in the state when Corey is on the mound.

  17. If firing the coach does not work then pay $4K to have your son go to one of these quick fix gyms. Pull on some magic rubber bands and jump over some cones. Do this twice a week for 30 minutes one month before the season starts. Hard work in the weight room or practice is overrated…must be the coach’s fault.

  18. Let’s put this all to rest. If anyone out there thinks for a minute that every player and every coach is going to succeed all the time they will have a rude awaking some day. EVERY batter will fail, EVERY pitcher will have bad games, and every coach will make mistakes that affect the out comes of games. So what! Its how you play the game with respect and sportmanship that counts. ALL of these “kids” and coaches deserve a lot better than what is being said. Tomorrow is a new day and brings new opportunities for all players and coaches alike. Please put all of this in perspective.

  19. One last thing in regards too SWG, Reid is a class act without a doubt and his resume speaks for itself year in year out…..

  20. Danny you are right as the old saying goes “perception is reality”

    The coach doesn`t need help from you clowns, don`t you get it.

  21. You GUYS need to give it a rest! Your kids weren’t that good…..if they were they would have played after high school and not in the local softball leagues donning their high school baseball caps! I wonder why a 5’6″ 230 lb immobile first baseman was not considered a prospect…….

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