For some of our pitchers we saw throwing on Thursday/Friday:With rain on Tuesday, we may see them pitching again on Wednesday!

If the weather report is batting .800 or 80% and we get rain on Monday and Tuesday, some of the pitchers that we saw throwing this past Thursday and Friday, we may see them back out to go again, on Wednesday….

If there ends up being an 80-100% degree of accuracy in this upcoming weather report and we see rain all day on Monday and Tuesday, we may see the high school baseball games for Round Two, moved from Tuesday to Wednesday….If you play on Wednesday, then you have to turn right around and play again on Friday, unless the state gives you that option of playing that Friday game on Saturday and then it really gets interesting….

If your top man/ace pitcher threw back on last Thursday and even the next day on Friday, then you have to think that he would be ready to go again on Wednesday….

You want to keep going as long as you can in the playoffs and get to the next round, so you roll him back out there on Wednesday, just to give you the shot/chance to get to Friday….It becomes survive and advance….

Keaton Haack went for Northwest Guilford in the Vikings 7-2 win over Southern Alamance last Thursday and he told me last Friday night that maybe he could go at least 2 innings in the next game/round this Tuesday, vs. Davie County….Now if he gets that extra day’s rest, I’m thinking and saying; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday if we get that rain and that is five days rest and there would seem to be room for him to make that next start, if the next game is Round Two on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday…

Corey Kimber of Dudley may be set to go even without an extra day’s rest if we get the Monday and Tuesday rain and then the games are moved, with Round Two going on Wednesday…..Let’s say one of the men that helps with the fields has been sick and has to miss some time helping out, getting the wet grounds ready and you have to put the game off until Wednesday….Then you have no choice, one would think, but to call on Kimber and let’s say ‘TIMBER’ on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday….

Either way or any how, we still may well see Dudley ride Kimber out and send him back out for the Tuesday night Round Two contest, with Mount Tabor….It would then be ‘TIMBER’ with Kimber vs. Mount Tabor, on Tuesday….Kimber pitched vs. Grimsley, in the last game of the regular season on Friday and then he came back and went seven fairly solid innings vs. Page, in Round One of the Metro Conference Tournament, the following Tuesday….Dudley went on to win that game, 5-4, in nine innings and K.J. McAllister got the win…..

This weather, sitution with the rains due in, can really open up a whole can of corn and beans and maybe even worms….Who decides if OUR field is ready and we can’t go Tuesday and we have to move the game to Wednesday???

Southeast Guilford has a plethora of pitchers and they can probably roll in one of many different directions…From what we were hearing, Dallas Newton got the call last Friday and then Will Greene came on and he was followed by Craig Jacobelli, who got the win….In Round Two versus West Forsyth, SEG can come back with all three of those young men again and throw Austin Bain into the mix as well, if they want to/need to….SEG will go committee until they get a little deeper into the playoffs and if they were to start Newton on Tuesday or Wednesday and he was throwing real good, then they could leave him out there for at least five innings and then go to the bullpen….If one of your aces is throwing hard and well, you stick with him and let him go for awhile and SEG has the luxury of having at least two aces, in Jacobelli and Newton….Newton throws the ball real hard, like a rocket and Jacobelli holds on to the ball a long time and he has that quick release and he keeps the ball real low and that increases the degree of difficulty for the batters/hitters…Taylor Callahan was the man at the plate in Round One for the Falcons and this kid has come a real long way….He keeps getting longer and better…Very tall and lean now and he has picked up that first base bag and his baseball knowledge he gained growing up with his dad Kevin, a former coach in the house, that has been a big benefit for the younger Callahan…..He has a very good stroke from the left side and that is a plus for the SEG lineup, with more than one left-handed hitter coming up to the plate, in key playoff situations…

Northeast Guilford might just be tempted to come right back out there with the combo of Matt Millaway and Jacob Watkins if the games go from Tuesday to Wednesday, and the rains may give them a boost too…..NEG is going to Gray’s Creek(21-3) for Round Two and if you are going to a place where the Creek is known to rise, then you may have to live to play another day(moving Tuesday’s game to Wednesday)….Millaway and Watkins have been the most dependable Ram pitchers this season and all you have to do is go back to last Friday night and take a look at the number of innings pitched….The final was NEG over Chapel Hill, 14-2, and Millaway only had to go three innings and then Watkins goes just two and the RAMS were through and on to, Round Two at ‘The Creek’…..Sort of/kind of makes sense, that Millaway and Watkins should be ready for a load of work on Wednesday and who’s to say that you don’t come right back with Watkins, as the starter on Tuesday and then bring in Millaway to finish….If you do that then Jaylin Davis, Josiel Colon and Caleb McCann can focus on the other things that they do so well, like playing defense and getting run-producing hits…..And there is still that up-and-coming reliever Caelin Canady looming out there and waiting in the wings for his post-season shot….

That is taking a ‘Sunday Shot’ at the way things look for early in the week and since Frank Deal died a few years back, when it comes to the weather, “You just have to deal with it”…..But, it is still fun to forecast the future and that is exactly what we have been doing here, so read, speculate along with us and most importantly, enjoy the post-season……


  1. In 1994 I pitched all 7 in the conference championship on a friday… turned around and pitched all 7 in the first round of the 3A playoffs that following monday, yes I was the ace and yes i went on to play college ball for 4 years…. am i missing something? It seems like everyone did that back then. not tryinh to be negative, but suck it up….if you have 3 days rest I would think you have to go with your ace…. ( and yes we had 2 other good pitchers) would love to hear some insight on this…

    -Confused old ball player

  2. Confused you are so right.
    It all depends on the kid and his training if the kid is in good shape runs alot and proper rest they are fine.
    There are just too many EXPERTS in this game of baseball that know it ALL.

  3. It is starting to look more and more, like Tuesday is going to be a wash…..

  4. You can’t expect those boys to throw on just 2-3 days rest. It will ruin their arms. Some of these kids are throwing 80-90 miles per hour. Very dangerous to be throwing on short rest. They really need a week off between starts or at least 5 days. Somebody could get hurt here.

  5. It all depends on the situation, the kids on the team, the make up the kid, with so many kids getting so much regimented training these days, they think that have to have X amount of days of rest in order to perform. Then there are those that just get it done regardless. it is up to the coach to know his players, their opponent and what is at stake and go for it!

    Also, it takes a few other kids to step up offensively and help make a good team great! In High School, teams that rely soley on pitching, will not get the job done, gotta have 8 others making plays in field and getting on base. Eventually, at this time of the year at some point depth will prevail 99% of the time.

    yes oh yes,,, baseball is one of the worst sports for “Experts” — at this stage of a players life, parents need to support their child and the team, the coach has to manage and make adjustments regardless of what the “Experts” are saying

  6. Johnny- I was hitting 90 all day long bud, did you play hs or college ball??..Are you guys kidding me? With all the exercise, nutrition, fitness and modern medicine these kids should be just fine…. When I played, it was ice, stretch and heat, stretch and go pitch and quit crying……never had arm problems, period!! give me a break, we as a society are getting fat and lazy…..There was no way in heck I would tell my coach I wouldnt pitch on 2 or 3 days rest, give me the freaking ball!!! The only was i see a Kimber or Newton sitting is if they had another “stud” no disrespect to Dudley or SE (both have good pitchers) but they dont, give your ace the ball every chance you can get, 3 days rest is plenty!!

  7. confused you are th expert I like your way of thinking it is old school and thats what baseball is about.
    I played college baseball myself so for those of that actually played we know what it takes.

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