All Guilford Lacrosse All Conference Team – Boy’s Team 2012

Coach of the Year: Harry Wellons – Western Guilford
Offensive Player of the Year: Robbie Edmiston – Western Guilford
Defensive Player of the Year: Matt Siegmund – Western Guilford

   Clay Carpenter     Western Guilford
   Nick Damiano       Western Guilford
   Greg Gehsmann      Western Guilford
   Kevin Gehsmann     Western Guilford
   Matt Hodges        Western Guilford
   Josh Thompson      Western Guilford
   Cole Abourjilie    Northwest Guilford
   Cameron Dillon     Northwest Guilford
   Kyle Dorr          Northwest Guilford	
   Brian Ha           Northwest Guilford
   Collin Lett        Northwest Guilford
   Robert Lincks      Northwest Guilford
   Noah Sprague       Northwest Guilford
   Ethan Tingler      Northwest Guilford
   Gabe Chauvigne     Grimsley
   Daniel Godwin      Grimsley
   Robert Godwin      Grimsley
   Aaron Hales        Grimsley
   Tate Wilson        Grimsley
   Herb Bridges       Southwest Guilford
   Glen Johnson       Southwest Guilford
   Austin Adzima      High Point Central