Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Today/Tonight

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West Forsyth 5
(8 Innings)
WP:Ian Walsh
LP:Will Greene
SEG finishes at (23-4)…..
Big two-run single for Southeast Guilford by Taylor Callahan….
Will Greene now pitching for SEG in the 6th tied 3-3….Dallas Newton came on to finish it…..
Craig Jacobelli started and is still going for SEG(6th)

Providence Day 9
High Point Christian Academy 3

SEG game went 8 Innings and SEG led early 3-0 and then West Forsyth battled back to tie the game and send it into extra innings…We had some computer battery issues at one time last night, as the game went long with the extra innings and it did not get started until after 7:30, so we were running late….

Craig Jacobelli did a solid job for SEG in his starting role and then hit a tough stretch in the 6th inning, when he hit the first two batters he faced…Will Greene came in to pitch for the SEG Falcons and he got assessed with two balks which allowed West Forsyth to score two runs and then West pulled off a suicide-squeeze or safety-squeeze to score another run and tie the game at three-three and then they moved on into the extra innings/inning and West Forsyth had seized the momemtum by then….The Titans came up with the two runs in the top of the 8th and it was their game and they left out of Southeast Guilford Falcon Country with the win….Dallas Newton came on for Will Greene in the 8th, but I thought Will did a decent job after he settled down and was able to get to work without runners on base, when he started a new inning….Tough loss for SEG, but it can not erase the fine season and the past 2-3 years these young men have spent together, as a successful baseball team at Southeast Guilford….Good luck to all the seniors, as they head down the road…..Tim Amick, Austin Bain, Blake Butler, Taylor Callahan, Brent Frazier, Craig Jacobelli, Dallas Newton, Justin Reece, and Austin Wallace…..


  1. Why is it that Forsyth County baseball teams always in most cases beat Guilford County teams. Reagan lost but they lost to another Forsyth team. Forsyth has schools of choice but only a couple of Guilford schools are choice. Southeast had a fine baseball team and congratulations go out to them for a fine season. Good luck in the future.

  2. Dang it…the last Metro team gone too early! Great bunch of kids. Best of luck to all the seniors!

  3. HPCA game final 9 – 5. Great season, came up short yesterday! Two three run homers – one in the fourth and one ithe sixth was the difference for Providence. HPCA could not find the hit when it needed it with runners in scoring position. The program has had a good two year run at the 3A level, this year 27 – 4, last year somehting like 28 – 4 and a final 4 appearance in the state, losing to eventual State Champions FCDS on a walkoff. Should be in good shape next year with a core group of sophmore and freshman pitchers that gained a lot of valuable experience this year and will be a year older next year.

  4. HPCA had a great year. Congratulations to all the players and coaches. Who pitched for Providence and HP last night?

  5. every metro team lost nail bitters. no worse feeling knowing you were right there.

  6. sooooooo…… why didnt SE start Newton? or bring him in the 7th? both sad and comical. (more sad for the players, im not trying to be a butt)
    ,-Confused old ball player

  7. probably because SEG has more then one very good pitcher. if you had paid attention at all the past 2 years you wouldn’t ask such a stupid question.

  8. You throw your ACE on 4 days rest, PERIOD!! Jacobelli is a good pitcher, but not their ACE!!! Pay atttention? I know enough to start my Ace (Newton, carolina signee) on 4 days rest, stupid question? lol…. I think its a real good question because they lost!!

    DId you play HS ball? college ball? I did, I went to 2 colt world series, 2 palomino world series and know when to start your ace, and I have paid attention to this team since 1993, played and been to more games then you could ever imagine. I guarantee you the only person to see more games then myself would be Andy or Charlie!!

  9. they didn’t lose because of who they started. they lost because they’ve continued a month+ of poor hitting. one timely hit by calahan was the only offense they generated. everything else was missed opportunity after missed opportunity. ftr, unless you’ve been to every SEG for the last 2 years, you have NOT seen more of this team than me, or know what you’re talking about, regardless of your wonderful exploits as a self-proclaimed child superstar.

  10. talking about paying attention… w. forsyth was held scoreless for 5 innings. how much more is your starting pitcher supposed to do?? i guess in your world we should have scored a few on defense as well. btw, did you see the metro conf. championship game? if you did, and were paying attention, you wouldn’t make such ignorant comments.

  11. So you didnt answer my question, why not start your ace or bring him in when it was 3-3? You know you should have thats why u keep dancing around the question!!

  12. i am not dancing around your question. your question has no merit because we didn’t lose because of who we pitched. will green had been doing an excellent job of pitching us out of jams in relief. again, jacobelli went 5 scoreless innings! having 2 balks in a row to walk in 2 runs is as freakish as it gets and not even you would have predicted that could have happened. we don’t have “an ace”, we have several excellent pitchers who were properly used in this game, although that might not have been true the entire year. but it was in this game. we lost because we continued a month of not hitting the ball. any good team can lose because of a couple freak plays, but not being able to hit to overcome those things is why we lost. we might not have scored if we played 15 innings that night. were you at the last few games? were you even at the last one? i would hope you wouldn’t be making those comments if you were.

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