James Ramsey(Florida State) ACC Baseball Player of the Year/Carlos Rodon(N.C. State) Pitcher and Freshman of the Year/Michael Dimock(Wake Forest, WES, Proehlific Power) 2nd Team All-ACC

There they are….Ramsey(FSU) Player of the Year, Rodon(N.C. State) Top pitcher and top Freshman player, Mike Martin(FSU), who has been around for years, Coach of the Year and Michael Dimock(WFU) from Weslseyan Academy in High Point and also at one time with the Proehlific Power team and now 2nd Team All-ACC…Check them all out from www.theacc.com….

2012 All-ACC Baseball Team
Name Cl. Position School
Pete O’Brien Sr. Catcher Miami(son of former Texas Rangers first baseman?)
Jayce Boyd Jr. First Base Florida State
Devon Travis Jr. Second Base Florida State **
Richie Shaffer Jr. Third Base Clemson **
Chris Diaz Jr. Shortstop NC State
James Ramsey Sr. Outfield Florida State **
Brandon Thomas Jr. Outfield Georgia Tech
Ryan Mathews Sr. Outfield NC State
Mac Williamson Jr. Outfield Wake Forest
Phil Pohl Sr. DH/Utility Clemson **
Marcus Stroman Jr. Starting Pitcher Duke
Buck Farmer Jr. Starting Pitcher Georgia Tech **
Kent Emanuel So. Starting Pitcher North Carolina
Carlos Rodon Fr. Starting Pitcher NC State
Robert Benincasa Jr. Relief Pitcher Florida State
Michael Morin Jr. Relief Pitcher North Carolina

Name Cl. Position School
Jacob Stallings Sr. Catcher North Carolina
Mark Zagunis Fr. Catcher Virginia Tech
Jake Davies Sr. First Base Georgia Tech **
Steve Wilkerson So. Second Base Clemson
Keith Werman Sr. Second Base Virginia **
Trea Turner Fr. Third Base NC State
Anthony Melchionda Sr. Shortstop Boston College
Daniel Palka So. Outfield Georgia Tech
Tom Bourdon So. Outfield Boston College
Thomas Brittle Jr. Outfield Clemson
Brian Holberton So. DH/Utility North Carolina
Mike Compton Fr, Starting Pitcher Florida State
Brett Harman Sr. Starting Pitcher Maryland
Eric Erickson Gr. Starting Pitcher Miami
Branden Kline Jr. Starting Pitcher Virginia **
Justin Thompson Sr. Relief Pitcher Virginia
Michael Dimock Sr. Relief Pitcher Wake Forest

Player of the Year – James Ramsey, Florida State
Pitcher of the Year – Carlos Rodon, NC State
Freshman of the Year – Carlos Rodon, NC State
Coach of the Year – Mike Martin, Florida State
** – Two-time first- or second-team selection

Among those local players below, we can also add in Chris Munnelly. pitcher, from Forsyth Country Day and George Carter is still at one appearance for the season and one-third of an inning pitched…He hasn’t throw since early in the season and it may be an injury issue…..


  1. Should be some real good local talent there once this tournament gets rolling…

    Dimock(Wake Forest)
    Ethan Ogburn(Southwest Guilford/N.C. State)
    Luis Paula(Northeast Guilford/North Carolina)
    Parks Jordan(Glenn/North Carolina)….

  2. That one is hard to catch….I know of the kid in a big way….He is (9-0) for N.C. State and he was the top pitcher Holly Springs when they beat TC Roberson(the team that knocked off Southeast Guilford) in the playoffs last year….Rodon/Rondon got drafted by the Brewers last summer according to my draft expert and he held out and decided to go on to college…

    Rondon would be easier to keep up since we already have Rondo with the Celtics and there are a few Rondon that have come through the major leagues and the minor leagues as pitchers….Haven’t seen a Rodon before, but now we have and it is the kid’s name so we will try and keep it that way……Have heard of Radon before….

    Last time I checked, George Carter had thrown for a third of an inning this season and we will have to another background check on him and believe me I will and we will be the first to have it for you, that is a fact…..

    Man, I have a lot of names to keep up with…High School, College and Pro….But we are up to the task….

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