Best Father-Son combos in the history of Sports

Dave Glenn had this as a topic on his radio sports talk show today and I think we have done this here the site before, but maybe not, so here goes with a few to get us all started and this is a great topic and it does get you thinking…..See how many new ones you can bring to the table and lay out your best ones, with a few other good ones mixed in…..

They had Archie Manning with Peyton and Eli as one of the tops today…
Then there was Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds and Dave Glenn said this was number one all time…
Then they had the Pettys, with Lee, Richard, Kyle, and Adam and then the Earnhardts with Dale and Dale Jr. and didn’t Dale Sr. have a dad(Ralph) that drove down in Concord or somewhere??? And they tossed in the Allison’s too with Bobby and Davey/father and son….

But what about Tug and Tim McGraw….Tug was a World Series winner with the Phillies and Tim was a very successful high school quarterback down in Alambam or Mississippi, or somewhere….And what about Kobe and Joe Bryant…..Dave may have mentioned them, but they are big from the past and present, with Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant with the 76er’s and Kobe today with the Lakers….

What about a bunch from wrestling with Angelo Mosca Sr. and Angelo Mosca Jr……Dory Funk Sr., and then Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk….Rick Flair and then David and Reid Flair….Bob Orton Sr., then Bob Orton Jr. and then Randy Orton….

You go back to baseball and you have Ray Boone, Bob Boone and Brett Boone….Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. and the two of those together may be equally as good, as Bobby and Barry Bonds….Maybe not the same exact numbers, but equally as good talent-wise…..

In hockey you had Bobby Hull and his son Brett and I think that Gordie Howe had some kids that played….(Didn’t they have three Howes on the same team at one time?) Maybe the Houston Aeros of the WHL with Gordie, Mark and ???

In wrestling again, what about the Von Erichs…Fritz, David, Kerry, Kevin, Mike and Chris…All of them but, Kevin dead……You had the Hart Foundation with Stu the dad and then Brett, Owen, Bruce and others…..

In the announcing of sports you had Jack Buck and then Joe Buck, Marty Brenneman and his son(Tom)…Woody Durham and then Wes and Taylor Durham…..You had all the Alberts with Marv, Steve, Al and the like, but I think they were all brothers…..And those lists go on and on for us and throw in a few more while you are at it today…….


  1. I will go with Bill Walton and Luke Walton-Basketball
    Ken Norton in boxing and Ken Norton Jr.-Boxing and Football
    Cal Ripken Sr., Cal Ripken Jr. and Billy Ripken-Baseball

  2. I have to go with the baseball Boone family for covering grandfather (Ray), father (Bob) and two sons (Aaron and Bret) – all being accomplished players and multi-year starters.

    I’d add the Fielders (Cecil and Prince) to the list in baseball but as for the “best father/son(s)” I think it’s hard to beat the Mannings.

  3. Back to the world of racing with Lugnut Brown! Bill Elliott and his up and coming son Chase, (who happens to be racing at Bowman Gray June 2nd.) Daytona 500 winner Ward Burton and his up and coming son Jeb who competes in the truck series, and you have to add a fourth Earnhardt, Jeffery Earnhardt who is Kerry’s son which is one of Dale Seniors sons. He competes in Nationwide as well as MMA!!

  4. Bobby and Barry Bonds
    The Griffey’s
    Bobby and Brett Hull
    Gordie and Mark Howe
    Lee and Richard Petty
    Calvin and Grant Hill
    Felipe and Moises Alou
    Could go on all day long…..

    Vegas Mike

  5. Some people are forgetting Mark Schlerth a former Washington Redskin and Denver Bronco lineman and his son who is or was, a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers….Another good one….

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