Looking for Work? ‘Rooms To Go’ says they are paying up to $120,000 a year for ‘Over the Road’ truckdrivers!

Just as I was headed out on my ‘Morning Run’ on this Wednesday, I noticed the truck headed up the road and it was one of those 18-wheelers or something in that neighborhood and on the side of this large ‘Rooms to Go’ truck was the notice, “Truck Drivers Wanted, Will Pay Up To $120,000 A Year”…..

Not a bad gig or deal, if you are into the travel scene and this would be one way to see or notice the nation, going ‘East or South Bound and Down, loaded up and truckin’ and making $120,000 a year….You see some interesting things out there on the road……$120,00 a year if you can sit through it and do it and then you will be rich in just 10-20 years…..

The trucks are running and we are out there running too….