Coaching Changes as we will be approaching 2012/2013 in Guilford County

Most recent:
Darren Corbett boys basketball coach gone at Grimsley…

Jason Simmons baseball coach gone at Grimsley…

David Price boys basketball coach gone at Dudley…New coach will be Brian Seagraves

Brian Seagraves leaves High Point Andrews to go to Dudley…
New coach at High Point Andrews replacing Seagraves will be Cleavor Rennie

Charlie Barnes gone as girls basketball coach at Grimsley…

Tina Gunn girls basketall coach gone at Eastern Guilford…Gunn will be the new girls coach at Grimsley….

Scott Loosemore gone as the football coach at Eastern Guilford…New coach will be David Hines

We are hearing Ryan Freeman gone as the boys basketball coach at Northern Guilford…

Any other coaching changes that we are not aware of?????


  1. I can only speak to baseball. Several years ago a bunch of parents got together and went to the administration complaining about little Johnny not getting enough playing time and it cost Coach Ash his job. That was a “bs” decision by the administration. Then the same admininstration brings in Coach Simmons who was more about the “facilities” than winning and now they let him go. The administration at Grimsley will tell you “straight out” that they don’t care about winning so why did they let Coach Simmons go? He was a fine person.

    The administration should let whoever is the coach “coach” and they should stick to “administrating”.

    My suggestion would be to either bring back Coach Ash or maybe Justin Smith(ex-Northern) and let Grimsley again become competitive in baseball.

  2. Grimsley has been a transitional school for the past 4-5 years with a lot of coaches, teachers and students coming and going….They have to find some stablity and Coach Simmons is a fine young teacher/coach that works hard and he will do well in whatever role he ends up taking in the athletic department…This has not been an easy ride for former coach and AD Lewis Newman….He has stayed with it and hung in and remained on course for what he is trying to do, but with all the changes and transition it is not easy…Alan Ashkinazy would do a very good job coaching any team he is in charge of….Very competitive and he has never lost the drive, I just don’t see it happening again for him at Grimsley….Maybe a Greensboro Day or at another private school…..Alan needs some room to do what he needs to do, but I can’t speak for him, he can do that for himself….Just ask Brian Butterfield I think it was back in the days when Alan and Bill Wardle used to do baseball games together on the radio….Alan comes ready or he will get ready in a hurry….On Coach Simmons, Coach Knapp at Burlington Williams spoke very highly of Coach Simmons and I trust the word of Coach Knapp….Grimsley will proabably have to hire a teacher/coach that works or teaches at Grimsley and just out of the blue as in a Grimsley Blue, what about Coach Shumate….He has a very strong resume and knows the field……He helped out there this year and already has a leg up at first……

  3. Coach A’s departure from Grimsley had absolutely nothing to do with parents, playing time or anything that happened between the lines so that rationale is way off-base. That was blog fodder 4 years ago and and still is today. Simmons is a fine person and coached to the best of his ability. He cared about the players as students and as adults. He will do fine in whatever direction he chooses, academically or athletically.

    Darren Corbett spent the last 10 years at Grimsley and finally got his dream job at A&T. He is a tremendous treacher both in the classroom and on the court. There is nothing wrong at Grimsley, only people living their lives. People outside of the education business change job positions every day, high school in general is no different and Grimsley is no different. Case Closed.

  4. Let’s hear some constructive ideas….We don’t need and to get abusive and when we have current people employed, we need to let them do their job….I mean people are people and they deserve and have the right to do their job and they have families that read this site and look at all this stuff….We are talking mom, dad and kids, so don’t go over the edge…Would be good to keep the forum open and remember this is different than a college situation, all of you and us go to the schools and see the people you are talking about here….The right decisions will be made, and if it doesn’t work out, they will have to make some more decisions….We are doing that here every day….Again, think before you ink……

    A good one and tell the guy down at the TV station, you heard it here first, “Think Before You Ink” or in the case of the computer, before you link too….”Think before you Ink and Link”………

  5. To Way Off Base… clearly weren’t around Grimsley during Coach A’s dismissal or you would know better so you should “hush”.

    To Andy’s point, there is a clear solution for Grimsley and the other high schools that need improved coaching. Change the policy that says you have to be an employee of GCS to be a head coach. Open up the jobs to the best qualified coach, period. If that person happens to be a GCS employee, great but if not, just hire the best candidate.

  6. Just Wandering hit the nail on the head. If you have a head coach who also happens to be a great teacher, good (and their are MANY examples of such in guilford county). but when no such person exists on the faculty but a faculty member has to be head coach, the ones who suffer are the players. and i mean nothing toward coach simmons. everything i heard about him was positive. he stepped into a rebuilding situation and may not have been given the time to finish the job. if he is indeed a good coach, he will be ok. if coach knapp speaks highly of him, he will land somewhere if he wants to keep coaching.

  7. As I have said many times on this site Grimsley was blessed to have Coach Simmons and Shumate coaching this year. As many have said Al’s deal was a much different situation. I don’t know and really don’t want to know what went on behind the scenes but I do feel like sometimes the expectation level on coaches is unrealistic. We had to rely on many kids who simply had not played at the varsity level before and you learn by fire at the hands on the Wolfes, the Marreros, the Kimbers, and the Newtons.

    Next season will be interesting. I think many teams will be rebuilding so I am thinking that no one will dominate. Good time for a talented new coach to come in to take the reins at Grimsley. Would love for that person to be Coach Shumate but I think that boat has sailed with his son graduating this year.

  8. As a former player, coach, and a GHS graduate, I can say this, my nephew for the last 4 yrs has been robbed at Grimsley. He played for a baseball coach that was in way over his head. The coach did not build anything but a losing atmosphere (27 wins in 4 seasons). He failed to assist his juniors and seniors in getting into college baseball programs. The parents had to do all that work. Grimsley needs a coach who will make the players not only work and earn their playing time (regardless of class), but will rebuild them into what Coach Ash had going and that was a respectful and competitive baseball program. The administration at Grimsley needs to understand that not all the boys and girls in their school will get academic scholarships, some will need to earn a full or partial athletic scholarship to attend college! So hire a coach with a proven track record and knows what he is doing!

  9. Class of 79…As a parent of a GHS Baseball Player, I am here to let you know that you are a part of the problem with Grimsley Baseball. Ranting and raving all season long standing by the concession stand about how you would have done it at Kiser. Misery loves company, and when you go home and talk to your kids about how bad it is, they start to believe it. The choice is quite simple, be part of the solution or part of the problem. Your choice was quite evident all season long. It was more appealing for you to be part of the problem.

  10. Now would be the time to put the chill on this one as we apporoach the red-hot Memorial Weekend….

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