Greensboro NABA update with the Reds and Yankees off to very good starts, but Mr. Bench and the Reds have the edge

Greensboro NABA….The Greensboro National Adult Baseball Association and here are your most recent results and the league leader appears to be the Reds, followed by the Yankees and the Orioles…..

Greensboro Reds 11
Greensboro Braves 0

Greensboro Reds 13
Kernersville Brewers 2

Greensboro Yankees 12
Greensboro Braves 2

Greensboro Yankees 10
St. Patty’s Day Yankees 1

Greensboro Reds 15
Greensboro Yankees 3

Greensboro Orioles 4
Carolina Rebels 3

Carolina Rebels 12
Greensboro Expos 2

Greensboro Orioles 10
Kernersville Brewers 1

St. Patty’s Day Yankees 8
Greensboro Braves 2