Dudley Basketball Jamboree coming up June 29-30 at James B. Dudley HS


The Dudley Panthers will be hosting a jamboree on June 29th -30th. Guaranteed 6 games with a possibility of 7. Teams that enter one day will be guaranteed 3 games for that day. We will take 16 teams. Contact Brian Seagraves at 336-662-7933 or seagrab@gcsnc.com or Derrick Partee 336-669-6254. First come first served.

1. Cost per team is $225 for 2 days/$125 for 1 day
2. Games will consist of four 10 minute quarters
3. Clock runs except to stop last minute of each quarter
4. Two time outs per game
5. Five minute warm-ups, 3 minute half-time
6. Three minute overtime
7. Only one free throw will be shot in shooting situations
Example: 2 shot foul-one shot worth 2 points
3 shot foul- one shot worth 3 points
one and one –one shot worth 2 points
8. If second overtime is needed, a jump ball will be administered followed by a sudden death.

*****Info courtesy of Coach Brian Seagraves*****