A Critical Month For Athletes Ahead

June is going to be a very critical month for prospective girls and boys basketball
players as school comes to an end this week. Many students are going to be looking
forward to what they veiw as vacation time and they should. But for the serious
athlete it is critical that they use this time to better their game and participate
in their summer leagues so that their coach can get a better idea of whom will be on
the team when November rolls around. It also allows them to become better acquainted
with the teammates. It also allows them to see if this is really going to be fore
them or should they consider something else. This is also the time for the student
athlete whom is considering beyond just highschool to get ready for the intense July
circuit where coaches can come out and evaluate them to see if they are a
prospective athlete for their program. Keep in mind that most coaches already know
whom they are coming to see whether you are in ninth, tenth
or eleventh grade. For many of the rising seniors this will be one of the last
times that the coaches will get the chance to see you and offer if they have not
already. Fall ball does offer one last casual look but it is normally reserved for
many D2, D3, NAIA and JUCO type schools. Some athletes will get the chance to
attend some college camps in June or late July. The NCAA does not discriminate when
inviting prospective students to the camps. Some will even call it an Elite Camp
but anyone could attend if they are willing to pay for it. If you are considered
under the Elite status, you may want to ask them where do you stand in their
recruiting before you go galavanting across the country and paying out a lot of
money. Some highschools will also attend team camps at Universities and may be
under the illusion that the coaches at that university is watching palyers from
their team. They may or they may not, but do not let the “tshirt” cause you to
think that it means more than just that. Let the experience be more of a guideline.
If you are on an AAU team and a major event is in your area, then it would be very
foolish to not participate in it in July. College coaches attend and you save your
parents a lot of money from traveling. (Check with local AAU programs to see what
is coming in July). Lastly, if you are an athlete on the mend from an injury and
you have not commited yet, do not fall into the trap of believing that you are
still high on their priority list. Coaches are watching players from all across the
country and if they see a player that possess the same type of ability , they may
offer them instead or that athlete moves up another step in their recruiting
plans.If they can’t see you ,its on to the next. Rarely do they have time during
the season. So with that said, good luck in the coming months!