NCAA Baseball Tonight as Appalachian sees season end and N.C. State gets it done:9-7 Wolfpack Wins over Vanderbilt

9-7 Wolfpack Wins over Vanderbilt!

Oklahoma 5
Appalachian State 2

N.C. State 9
Vanderbilt 7


  1. Go Pack! On to Gainesville.
    How about those Tarholes?
    No baseball Super Regional and NO BOWL in football!

  2. Yeah what now UNC fans? I guess we get the wait until basketball season response earlier than halfway through football season this year.

  3. Here is what u annoying wuffie… we beat you 3 out of 4 you moron….. wuffies will be sitting at home in a week just like us tar heels. put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  4. nc state advances to the super regional from hosting a regional. Big deal you hosted you were a 1 seed.

    Your baseball hasn`t had a sniff of Omaha since 1968 and I am not sure Florida will not pound you into submission.

    It is so funny how fans of nc state can`t handle any and I mean any success. Please become relevent again in something
    other that bass fishing and/or tractor pulls before being anoited successful. You 3rd graders are annoying.

  5. North Carolina football has no worries. We are not afraid of anything and we are set to kick some hiney this season and I’ll see you in Raleigh. The Gopher Fan does not know what he is talking about. BD

  6. Today we salute you, Mr. North Carolina State Fan. No one else in the world can make something so inferior seem important like you do. You argue the school’s football dominance without hesitation the way no one else in the country could do with a 5-5 record. The illusions of grandeur run deep into basketball season as well. While our team consists of a number of stars, your only star weighs 30 pounds. While we walk between beautiful trees, monuments, and hot girls, you dodge traffic, guns, cows, and 75% male population. Here’s to you for keeping the optimism and never failing to sound completely ignorant. So crack open an ice cold bud light and never forget the air ball pass that mistakenly took you to national championship glory.

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