Baseball and Softball Players of the Year and the Coaches of the Year

The voting concluded on Sunday night at 8pm and here are the Winners and we congratulate all of them, as they and others are finding out, it is a good thing to be named Player and Coach of the Year….Awards/Plaques to be delivered on June 19, courtesy of Crown Trophy on Spring Garden Street, near West Market…..

Again Congrats to the winners:
Baseball Player of the Year Public School-Dallas Newton(Southeast Guilford)
Baseball Player of the Year Public School Outside of Guilford County-Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance)
Baseball Player of the Year Private School-Caleb Robinson(Shining Light Academy)
Softball Player of the Year-Haley Green(Page High School)
Baseball Coach of the Year-Larry Farrer(Dudley High School)
Softball Coach of the Year-April Katz(Page High School)

*****Again, cogratulations to all and thanks to all who voted…..*****