Who will it be? The Charlotte Bobcats have it down to three:Jerry Sloan, Brian Shaw and Quin Snyder

Who will it be? The Charlotte Bobcats have trimmed their coaching list to three names and Michael Jordan will now choose from Jerry Sloan, Brian Shaw and Quin Snyder….Sloan is by far the oldest of the three and he is the only one with NBA head coaching experience…..Would be good to see Sloan as the head man and Shaw as his assistant for a few years and then see Shaw take over has the head coach, but the Bobcats can’t afford that and Shaw wants to be a head coach right now…..Put the four-year clasue in his contract and with the promise of the head job after that time, but will he buy that deal??? Probably not and here is what they are saying about all of this down in Charlotte….(The Bobcats have already tried the older veteran coach plan and it didn’t work with Paul Silas and now with Sloan??? Better go with Shaw……)

from down in Charlotte as promised:

The Charlotte Bobcats have narrowed their coaching search to three candidates: Former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw and Los Angeles Lakers assistant Quin Snyder, an NBA source confirmed Monday night.

ESPN.com first reported those three as the Bobcats’ finalists from an original list of 10 candidates…

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  1. From what we are hearing the lean is toward Shaw from the fans and towards Sloan in the front office….

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