Metro-liner upheaval of basketball coaches continues and now Stone stands ALONE as the ‘Dean of Coaches’ in the Metro 4-A

There will be major changes coming in boys basketball next season in the Metro 4-A with Melvin Stone, at Southeast Guilford, now the ‘Dean of Coaches’ in the league…..

Here’s how it now breaks down:
Brian Jones gone at Ben L. Smith and new coach (?)…Coach Jones had been at Smith just over 4 years and prior to that he had coached at Apex, down near Raleigh…

Robert Kent at Page gone and new boys coach James Abell(formerly at High Point Andrews and at Dudley…..

David Price at Dudley gone and new coach is Brian Seagraves(formerly at High Point Andrews and at Dudley….

Darren Corbett at Grimsley gone and new head coach is (?)….

Melvin Stone still in at Southeast Guilford and has been there right at 5 years….

Jerrod Harris still in at Western Guilford and has been there for 1 year….

*****Southern Alamance coach not available according to MaxPreps and Coach Stone(SEG) was formerly at Southern Alamance and Coach Harris, at Western Guilford, was formerly at Smith and at George Washington High School, in Danville, Virginia….*****


  1. Southern Alamance Head coach Anthony Noell is alive and well. Working hard at camp, making the boys team better, doing a great job!

  2. Very big challenge for all the new coaches…With the flight to the private schools, the public school landscape is getting very tough to navigate in boys basketball….Going to be hard to hit the .500 mark in your first year unless you play a lot of schools out of conference in some early season gimmes….I feel that Abell and Segraves can pull it off, but it will not be easy…Neither one of these young coaches has been in a challenge like this before….The 4-A level is the ‘Mac Daddy’…..Smith needs to bring in Greg Thompson from Southern Guilford to work with Rod McCullough again and Grimsley ought to find Jerry Eaves and sign him to a one-year contract so he can stay in the area and if he brings his son Anthony with him and if the Graves(Ty) kid were to come over(heard they might be moving probably to private), you might see the shake-down like they had in Motown back when Gladys Knight was popping with the Pips….Not looking for no Flack, like Roberta Flack and I still remember the first time I saw her face in the place……

    Just some idle talk for the water cooler…

  3. hahaha…That was pretty funny Patriot…Unfortunately for the Patriots, they are technically an outsider being in Alamance County and they are kind of like the red headed step child…People tend to just forget about them; however, your sarcasism brought a good chuckle this morning…

  4. I just had a bright idea and for some unknown reason, I seem to be full of them today….What about the team of Ben Free and Ken Free coaching Grimsley and Cedric Cokley helping them out….Could make a good coaching crew at Grimsley……Make Ced the head and have Ben and Ken help him….Could be the cure…..

    Ideas are a lot like Jim Rome Shows….He has a ton of them….

  5. @ lol @ The Patriot- No sarcasm intended, but last time I checked southern alamance was part of the metro. Do you know something we don’t? or is it you just can’t read, I already know you cant spell the word “sarcasm.” Now that’s something to chuckle about!

  6. Now, I had meant no disrespect towards the Southern Alamance school or team; however, I was just calling it like I see it. I thought your post was very funny seeing as how people had forgotten about them and your coach, and that you were just making the people aware of their mistake through a little “sarcasm”. With SA being no part of the Greensboro/Metro community, the people tend to forget about them.

    As for football, I love their stadium. I can only imagine what that atmosphere and the looks of a crowded stadium would be like if they were winning. Winning in the Metro conference is tough for any team. SA has the kids to be good in football. They have a kid (#5 – sorry but I do not know his name) who I think is going to be one of the best players in the state this year and next. They have some very huge lineman and usually bigger kids than the other team. I imagine winning is near if they continue to grow and develop their kids like that. Now, I do realize this is about basketball; however, I wanted to mention that I’m definitely not a hater of the school. I merely was amused by your comment.

    As far as the spelling goes, well, I will say this. Typing on an Ipad with fat fingers is a little inconvenient sometimes, but spelling is definitely not a weakness of mine. You may just find another typo in this post and more power to you if you do. Generally for posts, I look to understand the message and the intent of the writer; therefore, I usually don’t have the time to bother being an English teacher on a blog. Either way, I’m glad I amused you as well and gave the chuckle you so desparately needed. I can only imagine that it must be a little upsetting sometimes when you feel a little left out. I guess the only cure for that is to win. Win and then you’ll become relevant enough to have the people never forget you.

  7. @lol@The Patriot- If you would kindly look and pay attention to the disclaimer Andy posted at the bottom of the thread, nevermind I’ll cut and paste it for you: *****Southern Alamance coach not available according to MaxPreps and Coach Stone(SEG) was formerly at Southern Alamance and Coach Harris, at Western Guilford, was formerly at Smith and at George Washington High School, in Danville, Virginia….*****

    As you can see (I’m hoping) Southern alamance wasn’t left out and I never felt that we were, I was just letting it be known that our coaching situation stands firm. Now, whether or not you think my comment was relevant is “irrelevant” to me, if it was humorous to you then “more power to you” enjoy. The thread is about the metro conference, of which we are a member, not just guilford county.

  8. I don’t care what the disclaimer reads. I particularly enjoyed your first post and thought it was funny. Again, I meant no disrespect to the program or school. If you would kindly look and pay attention to what I wrote in my previous post, then you would have noticed that I’ve mentioned that. Maybe you didn’t intend for your first comment to be sarcastic, but that was how I read it. That was how I perceived your post, and I’m glad you’ve cleared that up for me.

    As far as being relevant, my comment was directed at the wins of their programs and not so much what you had to say. No one forgets about SA’s baseball team in conversations; therefore, my suggestion was to win and no one will forget about them in other conversations or posts. I stated why I thought SA gets left out of conversations, which is winning and along with them not being a Guilford County school. This message board is also a Greensboro message board; therefore, this could be reason #3 why people forget about them. They are however a part of the metro conference and shouldn’t be left out.

    You appear to carry a chip on the ole shoulders there, so I’ll end with this: Much luck to SA!!!

  9. @lol@The Patriot- The Topic of the thread is the status of the metro coaches, there wasn’t any info. available pertaining to SA’s situation so I provided it for him. There was no mention of wins or loses or county boundaries. You ASSUMED that Andy forgot about SA,that’s evident by your first post, you also assumed that I was attempting to be sarcastic as well as “carry a chip on my shoulders.” None of your assumptions were correct, Your interpretations of the topic and my comments were wrong and off point. Good luck to all the new metro coaches!

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