Romano on Sports with much more from the Jerry Sandusky Trial

We are continuing to bring you bits and pieces from attorney Robert Romano as he covers the Jerry Sandusky Trial with more details today of what went on up in State College, Pennsylvania…..

Mike McQueary Testifies: “Sandusky In Shower With Young Boy.”

The defense team in the Sandusky trial can argue that the boys’ he allegedly abused memories are questionable and that their motives are suspect because of the pending civil suits. But what about Mike McQueary, an adult and eyewitness who says he saw Sandusky abuse a boy and can testify about the events in the shower at Penn State University.

The testimony of McQueary on Tuesday described how he went to the gym and saw a naked Sandusky with a boy – between the ages of 10 and 12 – who was pushed against the shower wall. McQueary testified that there was no doubt he was witnessing a sex act.

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