Was the NBA Draft Lottery Fixed?/Have you stopped Beating your Wife yet?(Jim Rome and David Stern go at it today)

CLICK HERE for the Jim Rome-David Stern audio and this in one of the ‘Hot Button’ of the Day Issues and it will probably be gone in 24 hours, so check it out now and read our breakdown below….

Very interesting audio with Jim Rome of CBS Sports Radio and the NBA Commissioner David Stern today….Rome asked if the NBA Draft Lottery was fixed so the New Orleans Hornets could get the #1 pick and in turn land Kentucky’s Anthony Davis and then Stern turned around and asked Rome if Jim had stopped beating his wife yet….If Rome says yes then he used to beat his wife and if he says no, then he is still beating his wife and Stern asked him a question like just to show Rome how stupid he thought the NBA Drast Lottery conspiracy is…..Stern put it back in Rome’s face and then he told Rome, that Jim Rome just throws things like that question out there to get a cheap thrill and later Stern changed the Cheap Thrill to a Cheap Trick…..Very touchy conversation, as Rome didn’t lose it on the ‘Wife Beating’ accusation, but he did go off the deep end, when Stern accused him of working for a ‘Cheap Thrill’ or for creating a ‘Cheap Trick’…..

Good audio and would suggest that you listen twice….I have broken it down for you, but from what all you have been reading and hearing, you still need to hear the exact audio to form your true opinions….


  1. Paul Lambeth used always give his props to Jim Rome and this time Rome appears to be right, in the way he handled thngs and Stern comes off looking like/sounding like the jackass….

  2. Both men were hitting below the belt. In the end, David Stern has to be above that type of response. Everybody knows that Jim Rome loves to ask questions such as this and Rome actually qualified the statement before even asking it (as if he “maybe” did not want to ask it). All Stern had to say was “I understand how a fan of a specific city or team could make up such theories but the NBA has strict rules and a CPA audit process in place to avoid any such mistakes in our process”. Unfortunately Stern opened up the very door that he claims Rome wanted. Rome will look like the hero in the end and Stern will look like the commissioner that has stayed to long. Stern was once the great man but now he seems like the old man that has loss touch with his position.

  3. This is the same guy who got his butt kick by Jim Everett for calling him Chris. The question meant to be inflammatory and Stern went there went him.

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