Guilford College 7 on 7’s set for this Saturday beginning at 9am(We have the teams)

7 on 7’s high school football set for this Saturday, at the Guilford Colllege campus….Two fields at Guilford with the game field(Turf Field) and the field down in the bottom….All action will begin at 9am and should last until around 1:30pm….You can run two games on the Turf Field at the same time and I think that they just run one game at a time on the field, down in the bottom…..

Teams that will be in attendance this Saturday at Guilford College:
Southern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Northern Guilford 1 and 2
East Forsyth
Burlington Williams
High Point Christian
*****Ten teams on hand and we will try and get you a game schedule as the event draws nearer….*****

+++++Thanks to one of our coaches who helped get this our way…..+++++