7 on 7 Football Tonight at Elon University:Page, NWG and NG

Tonight and tomorrow night with high school football action at Elon University, with the Page Pirates and new starting quarterback Jordan Putnam pulling into Elon, plus Northern Guilford with QB Burney Sindab and Northwest Guilford, with Andrew Ritz at QB, also set to be there….Down by the railroad tracks, kind of away from the campus just a bit, with tons on fields on what looks like rolling farmland and there ought to be at least 20 teams there today, Tuesday and then again, on Monday and Tuesday next of week as well…….Plenty of fields at Elon and the facility looks like it might have been the Elon Home for Chidren at one time…..Plenty of room down here and it is not at Rhodes Stadium……

Monday June 18 and Tuesday June 19….7 on 7?s at Elon University….Northern Guilford will be there, Page and Northwest Guilford and many others are heading down to Elon….


  1. From what I’m hearing Page isn’t going to Elon until tomorrow…..I’ve also heard Northern won’t be there until next week….As for NW I think they are still going down today.

  2. Page will be there Tuesday night @ 6pm ——- CONFIRMED. If any changes, I will post those immediately. Thanks for the updates.

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