Palomino Baseball Tonight(Graham Sporting Goods)

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Greensboro Palomino Baseball Final from Stoner-White Stadium at Jaycee Park:

Hitting Zone 8
Aggies 2

Hawks 14
Western Greensboro 8

Corey Kimber was out there on the hill for the Aggies and they had Jemelle Lewis, Kaylan Pratt, Mario Scott, Zanie Seagraves and many other former Dudley and Smith players….The Hitting Zone had Tripp Dunn, Daniel Branon and several other players that I did not know….

Western Greensboro had Adam Foster, Brandon Ahrens, John Iorio, Tyler Parr, Patrick Nusdeo, Chris Lee, Christian Smith, Keith Anderson, Nic Sisbarro and more….

The Hawks with Matt Kaplan, Matt Page, Rory Bergen, Bo Brame, Houston Miller, Kyle Miller, Seth Collins, Austin Elmore and more….