Southeast Guilford Junior Legion Baseball on the Radio Tonight

TONIGHT at 7pm on AM950 radio and at for Southeast Guilford Junior Legion baseball, as the Falcons take on the Randleman Tigers…..

Game to be played at the Southeast Guilford Baseball Complex, just up the road/street, from the Bill Slayton Football Field at SEG….

Cam Gardner, Devon Sweet, Josh Blackwell, Ryne Stanley, Carmine Pagano, Zack Canada and others, expected to be out there on the field tonight for SEG….Charlie Pannell will join us on the broadcast and the pre-game is set for 6:45pm…..

Check it all out tonight on AM950 radio and from anywhere in the world on…..


  1. Charlie and Andy are much prettier on the radio. Faces for radio I think is what you call it…bless their hearts.

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