Local Baseball Tonight with The Elks and Khalif Temple, plus SEG Junior Legion wins in 10 on the road at ER

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Khalif Temple and The Elks in a good game tonight at Latham Park in what must have been a Bronco game and the word was Khalif was up by 2 runs late in this one…..Hard fought game by both sides and the fans were really into this one….A tip of the cap to the coaches at Latham Park, for the hard work that they do in bringing these kids along…..Another BIG win late tonight for SEG Junior Legion….

SEG wins 3-2 @ ER in 10 innings. Cody Ezzell got the start and looks to be the winning pitcher…Austin Coble came on in the 10th to get the save… Josh Blackwell was 3-5 at the plate and scored all 3 runs from the lead-off position. Blackwell also had a triple in the top of the ninth and scored the go ahead run on a ground ball. Turns out to be an awesome win/game for SEG Junior Legion and that makes back-to-back tight wins in the past two nights.

More from Charlie Pannell this morning and he was just saying that Cody got the win and that Carmine had a great defensive game, as did Josh Blackwell and Charlie also said Carmine got a key hit and it must have been the one that drove in Blackwell for the win….CP very excited about that win for SEG at ER…….


  1. According to my source, Coble got the win with two shut down innings and Cody pitched a fantastic game going 8 innings. Carmine Pagano drove in the winning run in the top of the 10th. Look out for SE!

  2. CP, Charlie Pannell called into the site at around 7:27am this morning and told us that Ezzell got the win and Coble the save and we may have to let them share this one…Good Job SEG with the win and especially getting like that, on the road…..

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