Good article in today’s News and Record on the Jenkins Family

For the most part, I don’t get to see the newspaper very often these days….I usually just go on-line and check out the headlines and catch up on the main news/sports headlines…..

I did get to see a copy of the N&R late this afternooon/early evening and they had this article on the front page of the sports section and it was talking about Title IX and the effects it has had on women’s sports over the past 40 years….

Jason Wolf was the N&R writer and he did his feature on the background of the Jenkins Family with Miranda, Sandra, Milton, Jeremiah, Tasha Huntley and Tasha’s little brother….

Sandra was a Title IX pioneer playing high school basketball for Bowman High down in Anson County back in the 70’s….Sandra is the mom of Miranda who played her high school ball at Eastern Guilford and now Miranda is a scholarship player for Stony Brook up in New York(Brooklyn/Long Island area)….Miranda was injured her freshman year and she still has 4 years of eligibilty at Stony Brook and she should be the starting point guard for them in 2012/2013….Miranda had a great career at Eastern Guilford and her mom was an outstanding girls player back in the early days of women’s hoops….

The Jenkins Family has always been an all-sports family with the dad Milton having been a big-name quarterback during his high school days, down in Miami, Florida….He attended Miami Northwestern High School and set several offensive records and made All-City for Miami, while he as prepping for college down south in Miami….Milton Jenkins stayed south and played college football in Tennessee….He was at Tennessee Tech and he was a starter his freshman year in college….

Lots of athletes in the Jenkins Family and the News and Record article also talked about the fact that the Jenkins’ son, Jeremiah Jenkins, died in a car accident this time, about two years ago…..Jeremiah was also a very good basketball player and he was the Conference Player of the Year, while at Eastern Guilford, just like his little sister Miranda and his cousin, Tasha…..

Basketball blood in the Jenkins family and that blood runs real deep…..

Very solid article on the Jenkins Family mom Sandra, the daughter Miranda, the father Milton, the niece Tasha, the little nephew and the brother that went away, Jermeiah……

Worth your time if you can find a copy of today’s paper and it follows the path of Title IX, Sandra Jenkins, Miranda Jenkins and how women’s basketball and death in the family, can change your life….

Let them live and let them play basketball, Sandra, Miranda, Milton, Tasha, the little nephew and Jeremiah on the team up above……Jeremiah is definitely playing above the rim these days….And Jenkins Family, “Play On”…..

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  1. I got the chance to read the article in Saturdays paper as it related to Title nine and how it has really helped the recognition of women sports throughout the nation over the years. I was also fortunate to watch the kid from Eastern Miranda Jenkins play her senior year a few times and must admit that she was one of the most complete and humble players I have seen in this area in some time. Stonybrook University did a great job of getting her to go all the way up to New York with so many schools in this area that she could have easily played for.

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