Greensboro Day School Boys take the Basketball Title/Bengal girls second at the State Games

From what we were able to grab off of NEWS 2 last night, it was the Greensboro Day boys over Dudley in the finals of the State Games of North Carolina on Sunday, in Winston-Salem….Greensboro Day School boys, high school basketball State Games Champions….

In the girls finals, Alexander Central topped Greensboro Day to claim the title and the final was 62-61 or 52-51….Just a one-point difference…..The Bishop McGuinness girls finished in third place….

Congratulations to the Greensboro Day School boys, the Dudley Panther boys, the Greensboro Day girls and the Bishop McGuinness girls for the fine finishes and efforts at the State Games of North Carolina….

*****Sounds more like it was the GDS boys over Dudley in the Semifinals and then Greensboro Day boys topped Raleigh Millbrook in the finals…Raleigh Millbrook was the #1 seed going into the final round…..*****


  1. Next years GDS team will be loaded. They will be talented, well coached and tough to beat. I would take them over HPC or Wesleyan. Both of those schools will have really good teams but GDS will be a cut above. They beat both Dudley and Millbrook by a very wide margin.


  2. They should beat them with 5th year players. There first 5 are college freshman.

  3. Congratulations to both Dudley & GDS for their success. Great to see two local teams do well.

  4. GDS is in the midst of a great run with this group of seniors. There will only be 4-5 teams in the entire state that can compete with the GDS boys this year. 2 of them are local (WES and HPCA). If you don’t have at least 2 dominate big men to keep GDS out of the paint and 2 quick and big guards that can defend and shoot, you are going to have a tough day. Dudley will have one of the few “good’ teams in town this year and they got crushed this weekend by GDS. Hopefully this team stays health and has a chance to win the state’s this year.

  5. They should beat them with 5th year players. There first 5 are college freshman.

    You are just wrong or you simply do not understand how this works. This almost always works out best for the youngsters athletically academically, socially and otherwise. To make blanket statements like this simply means that you need to do some homework.. Speak with educators and parents and young adults who re classed ten years ago. Don’t just throw this out there. It seems that you do not have enough information on this topic and are not properly informed.

  6. I have a 5 year old grandson whose mother held him back from going to kindergarten. I guess he re classified. You guys are nothing but jealous. Re classing helps get kids that extra look. Maybe public schools should do that or just quit playing the privates. Playing the privates should make the publics better, playing that competition. The really thing that makes GDS goos is their coaching. Everyone in the basketball circles I talk to say they have the best assistants by far in Jeff Smith and Steve Shelton

  7. Not informed? Are you serious? This should be UNCG’s JV squad. The fact of the matter is, this team should be at least Freshmen in college, why should any one get excited about their success. This is too funny.

  8. How can you judge the talent of the coaching when 8 out of 10 games you play, you clearly have the advantage. I will certainly give credit where it is due but don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. Play and beat Oak Hill and other similar teams and then I’m convinced that your coaching is superior.

  9. McGuinness goes 6-1 and beat GDS. GDS goes 5-2. GDS wins silver and McGuinness bronze?

  10. Not informed? Are you serious? This should be UNCG’s JV squad. The fact of the matter is, this team should be at least Freshmen in college, why should any one get excited about their success. This is too funny.

    You are proving my point for me. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT BASKETBALL. That is all you are able to think about, good grief. This is about what is best for the youngsters. Please try to understand what a parent goes through in making this decision. There are any number of factors and most times it works out for the long term. This is about academics, maturity, athletics,,,, the whole ball of wax. You guys that think that the “legitimate” schools that allow kids to reclass and the parents that allow it are in it for ONLY sports just (I will say it again)
    have not done your homework.

  11. To: “How does this work?” I am assuming you did not see how the brackets worked. GDS was a #2 seed in bracket play. They beat a nice sized W-S Prep team, then a #1 seed in Chapel Hill by nearly 20 pts without their All-State forward/center, and lost the championship game at the buzz on a last second foul call again without any real post players to a team that beat Bishop by nearly 25 pts. The GDS girls played like champions and won the respect of everyone. The GDS girls played with only 4 returning players, 2 new players, and 3 girls going to the 7th grade. After the early lost to Bishop, GDS wake up and played good team basketball. If GDS had the 4-5 missing players that were out of town, I doubt if any of these games would have been close. It would be great to see a real game with Bishop and GDS during the regular season when it counts for something more than a fan upset over who won a medal. Bishop is a well coached team that understands the game. I am sure they are not concerned with which medal someone else won. GDS just making it to Sunday bracket play was great but getting all the way to the championship game was priceless.

  12. Settle down. I was not upset and did not mean to get you upset. You are correct in that I did not understand how the brackets worked. That was my question. I think it was a reasonable question to ask how the brackets worked when one team went 6-1 and won the head to head and the other went 5-2 and the one loss for McGuinness was to the team that GDS lost to also. Yes I am sure not everyone had all their players. McGuinness was also missing two starters inncluding theiir 6 footer and their point guard. I am sure others were also as it is summer. Was not putting down GDS or anyone else and not sure how my post would have been interpreted that way. And McGuinness will not be nearly as strong as they have been this year because they will be very young and graduated a lot of players, so I was not bragging on McGuinness in any way. And McGuinness lost by 12 not 25 to Alexander Central.

  13. I’m actually from Alexander Central, and to see the comments that basically say we shouldn’t have won and that Bishop didn’t have some players, and that Greensboro Day didn’t have some players either, we were lacking in players as well. We also lost to Bishop one time and we weren’t making excuses for ourselves, we just knew we had to work harder to beat them. We deserved to win that title because we came back from 12 down in the 4th quarter and beat a very good team who had one of the best players in the tournament by far. They were quicker and more athletic than us and we trailed by as many as 16 throughout the game and we weren’t making excuses for ourselves or whining and complaining. We knew we could win and we deserved the gold medal. And, just so you know we actually finished 6-1 as well.

  14. Just for the record, no one at GDS would say Alexander Central did not deserve the win. They did what they needed to do in the 4th quarter and run play after play into the post against a smaller GDS. AC could not stop GDS from dribble driving and on the perimeter and GDS could not stop AC in the post. It was a great game and the AC player had the guts to hit both of her free throws with 1 second remaining for a 1 pt game. All the credit to the winning AC team and all the credit for showing a lot heart by GDS. It was a great game and all of the kids deserve credit for playing hard. Maybe some of these girls will play against each other in July and do it all over again. Good luck to Bishop and AC next season – I am sure both will be in the playoffs.

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